Lakshay Jain: Starting as a 7 year old, to setting benchmarks in the tech industry.

“When you work with a positive mindset, even the impossible becomes possible,” says the teenager web/app developer and marketer.

When people talk about entrepreneurship, especially about the young talents that have done exceedingly well in their endeavours, it always feels much more discussions must take place to learn more about their journeys, their struggles and the many trials and errors they made to reach the position they enjoy today. Lakshay Jain’s life story is one of these celebrated success stories that have truly inspired the next-gen in ways more than one as he has proved that even a teenager entrepreneur can pursue all his dreams the way he wants and proceed in gaining the desired success.

Setting benchmarks in the business world: Lakshay Jain is a powerful name in the entrepreneurial world today, where he is famously known as the youngest tech entrepreneur of India. If a teenager reaches this position, where people may take years to reach, one can imagine the ardour and the commitment the young talent must have shown. Speaking on the same, the youngster, who is the CEO and Founder of his startup agency named Mevrex, says that his journey had started at a time, kids were only exploring more video games, books and TV. Lakshay Jain, on the other hand, had developed a keen interest in computers as a 7-year-old kid. “Web programming was something I loved doing and developing things was in my mind ever since”, confesses the youngster.

Becoming the youngest self-made entrepreneur: Adding further, he says, “The moment I understood where my interest lied and realized what my true calling was, while I was still a kid, was the moment I decided to venture on my own, and jumped into the web/app development niche.” Going further, Lakshay Jain turned into the youngest self-made entrepreneur from India to become a professional web developer and also become a digital marketer and entrepreneur.

Garnering recognition and accolades: He has done more than 100 projects so far in such a short span and has proved that age can never pose a hurdle in anyone’s life. What one needs is the dedication and fervour to take on any number of challenges and spellbound people with true talent and passion. This is also why he has been featured on multiple websites and has been awarded many times for his innovative works and solutions in the vast online markets.

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