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Latest Features of iOS 14.4’s Best iPhone You Should Know!



Latest Features of iOS 14.4 Best iPhone You Should Know

Apple keeps on update its iOS 14 software for the iPhone ($900 at Boost Mobile), adding significant new abilities and features. Most recently, Apple released iOS 14.4, adding another exercise to Fitness Plus for Apple Watch proprietors.

It additionally incorporated another Unity watch face to observe Black History Month. The update likewise incorporated a series of security fixes for vulnerabilities that were effectively being abused.

The update follows the expansion of Apple ProRaw photos to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Those new features join an already great list of abilities that Apple carried to its cell phones with the release of iOS 14 in September.

For example, you can personalize your iPhone’s home screen by making custom app icons and putting new widgets in any place you want. What’s more, another Scribble feature in the iPad update currently allows you to utilize the Apple Pencil ($125 at Amazon) to write in any text field, and the tablet will change it over to message, rather than continually pulling up the keyboard. Furthermore, that is only the start.

Here are the best tips and tricks we’ve found for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. We’ll frequently update this post, so return for more incredible tips.

  1. Look at the new home screen features

The iPhone presently has an app drawer-like feature called App Library, which goes about as a warehouse to store the entirety of the apps you don’t regularly use. You can access the App Library by swiping from option to left on your screen past the entirety of your present home screens.

Another first for the iPhone is the ability to place widgets on the home screen. Apple gave designers the tools to make another style of widget that is certain to make your Android friends jealous. We broadly expound on the home screen changes here.

  1. Make a custom Smart Stack widget

Discussing widgets, you’re not locked into utilizing Apple’s curated Smart Stack widget. You can make your own stack of widgets utilizing a similar strategy you’d use to make an app folder. Truly, it takes more time to decide which widgets you can incorporate than it does to make it.

  1. Make your own app icons

Apple additionally added new features to its Shortcuts app, with the most well-known option being the ability to make your own app icons and fully customize the vibe of your phone.

So rather than the Apple Mail app icon, you can download an icon that replaces it with an image of a cute cat or the Gmail icon and utilize that to launch the application.

The process is to some degree repetitive, however, if you want a home screen that is unlike any other, it’s certainly justified regardless of your time.

  1. Use apps without installing them, on account of App Clips

Consider App Clips little applications that solitary show you a bit of what the full application can do. For instance, a Yelp App Clip could show you business hours and the menu for a particular restaurant and that’s it.

Want to attempt one? Open the Apple Maps app on your iPhone, look for Panera Bread, tap on a location and afterward select Order Food. Pretty cool, correct? After using an App Clip, you can get to it again in the App Library in the recently added folder.

  1. iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max can take raw photos

This is unquestionably a feature for photography buffs, however one that will ideally provoke the interest of the individuals who are hoping to get a bit more out of their iPhone camera.

The release of iOS 14.3 adds Apple’s ProRaw photo format, which permits you to take photographs using the “raw” photography format, and makes changes to it with no picture degradation, just like the situation when the photo is converted to a JPG (the norm for Apple’s camera app).

  1. Work out at home with Fitness Plus

With gyms shut or running at a restricted limit, presently’s an ideal opportunity to work out at home. Apple’s Fitness Plus service is built directly into your iPhone, iPad ($273 at Amazon), and Apple TV ($180 at Best Buy), and it utilizes your Apple Watch to follow your exercise.

The guided video exercises are released weekly, with alternatives for all extraordinary fitness levels. Read hands-on with the new service and afterward let us walk you through all you require to know to set it up.

  1. Time to go for a walk

Discussing Fitness Plus, iOS 14.4 and WatchOS 7.3 added another exercise called Time to Walk. Apple has enrolled celebrities who go on a virtual walk with you, telling stories that are intended to be inspiring, interlaced with personal music choices. You’ll have to install updates on your watch and phone before you can utilize it.

  1. Picture-in-Picture comes to the iPhone

You’re no longer compelled to decide whether you want to watch a Twitch stream or browse Reddit on your iPhone. With iOS 14, you can do both simultaneously since Apple has added picture-in-picture mode to the iPhone.

The iPad has had this feature for two or three years at this point, so it’s ideal to see the iPhone get it also. At the point when you begin watching a video you just need to leave the app and return to the home screen to trigger PiP.

There are some applications, like YouTube, that don’t support the feature. You can see a list of all the apps installed on your phone that help it by going to Settings > General > Picture in Picture.

  1. Deleting apps can be confounding presently

With the expansion of the App Library, there’s currently an additional progression with regards to deleting an app from your phone, and for long-term iPhone clients, it’s not in any way clear.

  1. Discard Apple Mail and Safari

Apple added the ability to delete its own applications from your iPhone a few years prior, yet you actually couldn’t set apps like Gmail or Outlook as your default email application.

Presently you can, yet Apple has restricted this new feature to just the email and web browsers. It just takes a few taps to roll out the improvement, after which you will not need to manage Apple’s apps until the end of time.

  1. AirPods Pro has a new audio feature

The iPhone and iPad aren’t the solitary gadgets that got a major update. Apple’s AirPods Pro likewise got a little firmware update that added a new feature called Spatial Audio.

You’ll, obviously, need to use an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 to utilize the feature. With the two gadgets updated, at whatever point you’re watching a video the sound will follow the movements of your head, changing with each diversion.

  1. The iPad looks more like a Mac than ever

iPadOS 14 incorporates a few new features and improvements that carry its interface nearer to looking and working like a Mac. Or then again is it the Mac that is beginning to resemble an iPad with MacOS Big Sur? In any case, you’ll want to become familiar with everything you can about the new iPad features in iPadOS 14.

  1. Hidden features are the best features

Not to be forgotten about, there are a few hidden features in iOS 14 that do some genuinely astounding things. For example, a new back tap feature allows you to tap on the rear of your phone a few times, triggering a task like taking a screenshot or launching an app.

We’ve discovered an aggregate of nine hidden features worth sharing with you up until this point and plan to continue to add to the list.

  1. New privacy features

Keeping your data hidden is one of Apple’s primary marketing points, and iOS 14 is going significantly further to help keep your data private. There are new location sharing settings that will restrict whether an app sees your exact location or a more general area.

There’s likewise a new notification dot that will disclose to you when an app is using your phone’s camera or mic, and finer controls over which photos an app has access to.

  1. New camera tricks

There are a few subtle however significant new features in the Camera app. For example, when taking a picture around night, there’s a new guide to remind you to keep still.

You’ll see crosshairs that show you where to keep the camera. There’s additionally a new exposure adjustment dial, and you can snap different photographs a lot quicker.

  1. Up your selfie game

Another new feature in the Camera app is a new setting for the front-facing camera that makes certain to help your selfies shine. The new mirror mode forces the camera to act more like an, all things considered, mirror, which can make it simpler to ensure your shot is framed and lined up how you want. We show you where to find the new setting.

  1. Still want more? We gotcha

As a little something extra round, we’ve assembled a few more tips to do considerably more, similar to label somebody in a group conversation in the Messages app and use Apple’s new Translate app to carry a conversation in two totally various languages.

There’s still a bounty more to learn and sort out in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, so we’re simply beginning. Simply beginning with a new iPhone 12? Here’s the way to set it up. After that is done, make certain to check these settings. At last, remember to move your Google Authenticator accounts to your new phone.

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