Personal Chef Prices Drop by 15% in 2020

Personal Chef Prices Drop by 15 in 2020

If you needed another reason to stay home, personal chef prices have gone down from 64.32$ USD to 54.71$ USD last year, making it officially cheaper than going to the restaurant.

Personal Chef Cost | How did we get this number?

MiumMium is a Personal Chef Market Place operating in 75 countries. We have served thousands of meals across the world each year since our opening in Dec 2015. From personal chef in Toronto to private chef in Miami.

The quote given by a MiumMium Chef includes all costs: chef’s time, transportation, grocery shopping, food costs, preparation, cooking, service, cleaning, and taxes. Only the tip remains discretionary and is never requested. The price quoted to the client by the personal chef is what needs to be paid, there are never any hidden costs.

To get to $54.71 as the average cost for a personal chef in 2020, we calculated the price of all the bookings made during the last year and divided the sum by the number of clients we have served in 2020. The results are surprising with an average cost per person of $54.71, a 15% drop from the $64.32 we saw in 2019.

Why did the cost drop by 15%?

Since the start of the pandemic, the number of guests per dinner party has shrunk by 33%, passing from an average of 9.07 in 2019 to 6.03 in 2020; a reduction of 33%. (Yes we served more romantic dinners for two than ever before♥️). Smaller groups historically commanded a higher price p.p. as the fixed cost for the chef, his time and travel, remained almost the same when cooking for 10 or 2. Therefore, we were expecting an increase in the pricing of the chef’s services last year.

From personal chef in Toronto to private chef in Miami, there has been a large increase in demand for chefs at home globally because of the pandemic, the number of chefs available also reached an all-time high, creating stronger competition within the industry. As more and more chefs and kitchen workers got laid off due to restaurant closures, becoming a personal chef has become a popular alternative.

What we didn’t factor in our expectations was the eagerness of the chefs to win the business. MiumMium is a marketplace of personal chefs, where each chef competes against each other. We encourage our clients to request quotes from many different chefs in order to get the perfect menu at the best price. As a large number of our 5000 chefs were hurt financially during the pandemic, they priced their services more aggressively last year to win business.

What does that mean for everyone?

You can now hire a personal chef to come and cook in your home for less than it would cost to go to a fancy restaurant with the family. The bonus? This amount doesn’t even take into consideration the savings realized on the wine, parking, and the babysitter!

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Launched in late 2015, MiumMium is today the largest Personal Chef marketplace on the web, promoting the services of more than 5000 chefs in 75 countries. MiumMium allows you to explore menus, research chefs, and book unparalleled at-home culinary experiences. The process is simple: pick a date, design a menu with a chef, and invite your friends. There is no shopping, no preparation, no clean-up, and no stress. For more information on this story, communicate with [email protected].

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