Lee Alexander is an emerging singer and composer

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Born in San Francisco but coming from Korean and Chinese descent, Lee Alexander is an innovative music composer, writer, and singer whose multi-cultural background pervades through his catchy songs.
An all-in-one as they say it, Lee Alexander, who is aspiring to be a master songwriter, composer, and singer, is second to none. Unlike few musicians, who discover their passion and take up music as a career much later in life, for Lee, a love for music was something he was perhaps born with. He started composing and singing songs at a young age and was a popular name in high school as the boy with the most melodious and never-heard-before voice. He was an active contributor to the school band and earned name and fame from peers and friends. Though he grasped the knowledge of creating rap and pop from his school-going days, he started producing music for commercial purposes in 2014 and embarked on a full-fledged solo-singer musical journey.
Turns and twists
With Chinese and Korean descent, Alex began producing digital music in the English & Korean language with a preference for pop, Kpop, and alternative music genres. Since starting his career as a musician, Alex stepped into a muse-like lifestyle performing in music bars, stage appearances, and live radio performances across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world for cover songs. Alex has also auditioned and performed in non-musical gigs, undertook professional advertisement modeling assignments, social media influencing modeling, and made appearances as an online platform guest. His work as a model is appreciated by industry experts just as his music is popular among pub-goers.
What lies now and later
At present, Alex is focusing on singing and modeling as the two career options. Music has been his love from his childhood whereas modeling clicked by accident, perhaps by his magnetic looks and smart attitude that goes well on ad designs and social media platforms. He is a computer engineer by education and graduated from De Anza College, San Jose. Alex’s fans and friends have high hopes for him and expect that he will be a world-renowned musician very soon. His edgy compositions resonate well with Gen X and Y and are his key image lifters.