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Tezzy – A new rising star in the Music Industry



Tezzy – A new rising Star in the Music Industry

In the last few weeks, people have been having problems with the police. They have bar witness to deplorable and shocking crimes committed by authorities against the people to whom they are supposed to protect. It is very common in different areas of Chicago. The crimes are at its peak in different areas of Chicago. People living in these parts of the city have to struggle. In this time, Tezzy has released a song f*ck da police” is getting popularity because of its Lyrics hailing from Chicago. The rapper star has been inspired by various different neighborhoods of Chicago that he has influenced into the rhymes of his songs. 

This song is about the conversation of two black men. The song begins with the common narrative of these people wondering why police have arrested them. They are calling the names of different authoritative figures. In fact, this is the song about injustice of police that they take the benefit of their authority. 

Tezzy wrote this song in 2016. It was the time when there was trending news about a black man who was murdered by the police. It was really an injustice. Therefore, people liked the song and it has attained an immense popularity in the world. 

There different legislatures and laws are implemented for the powers of the police officers. Police officers are bound to use their rules and regulations. They face punishments and explanation calls due to the complaints of the citizens. The laws lead directly into the questions. It is true to say that humans are not perfect and people commit mistakes. These mistakes are the causes of wrong decisions. These things cause them to feel helpless after they must decide less strictly and wise in the case of violation or rule breaking by others. They ought to pick out a tender way to target their criminal. Their decision needs to be surprising and immediately.

You will love having access to the song because it is the all-time favorite of the majority. About his struggle, Tezzy describes that he has been living in some of the worst places in Chicago. For his neighbors, life was highly struggling too. Therefore, they use it to survive and struggle to make life better for themselves. These areas have high-crime rates like violence and other crimes. 

However, due to their wrong and criminal behavior, the majority of the people have lost their life. It is cruelty of the police. The majority of the people like this song and it is easily available on Spotify. Spotify allows you to share your favored tracks on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Skype too. Right at the moment, this feature is only limited to selected countries. 

No doubt, the road to success was not easy for him. He tried hard to achieve success. All these things are important to make a name in a particular field. Tezzy is a talented rapper who knows how to make space in the music world.


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