Lighthouse Day 2020: History and Significance of the day

Lighthouse Day is celebrated every year on August 7. It is celebrated in the United States to recognize the signing of the Act for the Establishment and Support of lighthouse, beacons, public piers, and buoys by the US Congress in 1789. National Lighthouse Day celebrates America’s lighthouses. 

What is Lighthouse Day?

This holiday is an annual celebration that offers honor to the beacon of light that lighthouses discharge. Such beacon of light has given security and safety to ships and boats at sea. A lighthouse is just a tower, building, or any comparable structure intended to emit light that can be used to help the navigation of travelers at sea. The lighthouse day offers a dedication to such an astonishing structure. Such a celebration is legitimized. Lighthouses have given security and safety to individuals. The day is a decent way to offer thanks to these structures.

Lighthouse Day History

The origin of the lighthouse day can be followed back to when individuals began to use lighthouses for managing individuals at the sea.

The Origin of Lighthouses

Since the late 1960s, lighthouses have guided ships and boats securely back to the shore. They are the source of the beacon of light that when seen by travelers, gives them a good feeling and security. However, besides that significant role, lighthouses have additionally become tourist destinations for individuals on land. Unexpectedly, lighthouses were once used as markets for risky harbors, shorelines, and reefs. Presently, they play a vital role in maritime travel and the travel industry.

The Origin of the Lighthouse Day Celebration

In 1789, the United States Congress passed an act to make sure about the maintenance and security of all lighthouses under government support. On the 200th anniversary of the passing of this act, Senator John Chafee from Rhode Island sponsored a resolution which assigned August 7 as the National Lighthouse Day. This day is devoted to commending the scenic and historical structures that comforted travelers on sea throughout the centuries.

When is Lighthouse Day 2020?

This holiday is constantly celebrated on August 7 every year. This implies the upcoming 2020 Lighthouse day will be praised on Friday, August 7, 2020.

Why Celebrate Lighthouse Day?

Coming up next are the main reasons why you ought to celebrate Lighthouse Day:

  • Lighthouses Have Guided People Even Before There Was Electricity

Lighthouses have existed even before electricity was concocted. Initially, lighthouses utilized burning coal or fire to become sources of light for seafarers. At the point when lamps were designed, individuals started to use lamps powered by oil to give light. At the point when electric lamps came in 1875, lighthouses started to consolidate these as sources of light. This implies lighthouses have been around even before our lives were made more OK with electricity. Offering thanks to lighthouses during the holiday is a valid justification to celebrate it.

  • Lighthouses Have Faced the Tests of Time

Lighthouses are durable and tough structures. They have faced the tests of time. They have encountered extraordinary conditions, for example, earthquakes, strong winds, typhoons, and storms. In any case, significantly under these circumstances, they stopped to give direction to the sea travelers. Such extraordinary continuance showed by lighthouses is a valid justification why the day dedicated for them must be celebrated.

  • It is a Pleasure to See Lighthouses

As referenced before, lighthouses work not exclusively to control sailors yet, also, to amaze individuals particularly tourists. There is no preventing that the sight from claiming lighthouses can be mesmerizing. It can have its exceptional shape (typically cylindrical) and is surrounded by the view of the surrounding sea. There’s nothing unexpected that individuals love to see the magnificence of lighthouses and take pictures with them.


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