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Lucas Fernandes’s “Easy Clean Growth Solutions” Shares Marketing Tips for Your B2B Cleaning Company



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In today’s environment, opting out from appropriate cleaning solutions is something that business owners can ill afford. One must not only accord with the best suitable habitat that will cater to a relaxed and efficient work environment, but also keep the workspace disinfected and compliant to today’s newly reformatted sanitization standards.

With this in mind, an industry so historically traditional is being forced to evolve at a much faster pace as cleaning companies are competing to put their brand on the forefront of the businesses that want to keep their lights on.

With a team that compiles years of knowledge and understanding over this field, Lucas’s “Easy Clean Growth Solutions” has simplified the route that helps companies in this industry permanently solidify themselves as the leader in the field in the eyes of the clients they are looking to procure.

Here we take an inside look at some of the key principles behind the systems used in the branded marketing approach used by Easy Clean Growth Solutions. Hopefully, you can get value out of the same framework used by Lucas and his team and in order to cater to your own B2B cleaning business.

Branding is Everything

Having the best product or service in your line of work is not enough to win over clients in the services industry anymore. Proper branding leads to overall better company exposure which overall dictates more manageable outcomes. Lucas urges you to ask yourself this question about your business. “What do you want your ideal client base to associate your company with?” You will have a much easier time generating business by having your prospective client positively associating your brand prior to your first conversation with them.

Cookie-Cutter Solutions Are Not Enough; Personalise Your Outreach

In order to get this done, Lucas and his team offer unique case-by-case solutions. No two companies are the same and no two demographics are the same so why settle for a brandless cookie-cutter lead generation strategy? Generic email blasts or standalone SEO work will not be sufficient. By pursuing a marketing strategy that doesn’t showcase a company’s core competencies in its field while portraying the human elements behind your brand you will not be able to differentiate your brand among others. It’s one thing to get your company to the front page of Google, it’s another thing to also naturally stand out on the first page due to a branded approach.

Play the Long Game

The only way to truly stand out is to implement your branded marketing approach in a multi-touch format. Let’s say that you are now among the other twelve companies who share that front page of Google. Your ideal client base will more often than not gravitate towards the brands that they’ve seen before and positively associate with. Seeds have to be planted in the minds of the client base you want to resonate with. An approach that proactively ensures that the key decision makers you are targeting learn about the company before an immediate need will always be the most effective. Diversify the platforms you market on and your results will dramatically improve.

Use a Result-Driven and Data-Based Approach

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is return on one’s investment, however, the exact return of your marketing efforts are usually hard to track. This is why so many B2B companies are shifting to a more digital marketing approach as results are ten-fold easier to track in comparison to other traditional venues. The utilization of tools such as Facebook’s Pixel or Google’s AdSense, for example, create a platform that helps tell a better story behind your efforts. These are examples of the very same tools that Lucas’s team use when tracking and optimizing their client’s results. As an added bonus, however, the right marketing provider can also utilize harder to reach platforms such as press releases and targeted social growth to create longer term results; tools that Easy Clean Growth Solution’s uses to stand out in a sea of marketing options.

Lucas Fernandes’s Final Thoughts

Approaches will clearly vary depending on the size, budget, and tenure of your company’s in house marketing team, however, as long as you are reaching your ideal client base and planting seeds before there is an immediate need you will be in a much better place than competitors who only use a single facet of marketing. As Lucas states, “You never know when someone is in the last month of their contract, or who is unhappy with their services and is looking for future alternatives. Timing is everything in the B2B space and this is why you want your client sold on your company before there is ever a need. The only way to do this is with a branded-marketing approach.”

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