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Trevor Fey sheds light on his consultation programs to help people scale their e-commerce businesses



10. Time Bulletin

E-commerce is literally the gold mine of the digital era. One of the youngest and most passionate entrepreneurs, Trevor Fey, has the same viewpoint. After all, he and his team run a comprehensive business consultation program on this.

Young entrepreneurs are reaching new heights every day by enrolling in a continuous consultation program by Trevor Fey and his team. These programs are pillars to gather practical support and data on running modern E-commerce businesses. “Our clients are from different corners of the world. That’s the beauty of this program. We study the mission, vision, and their profession. We first understand why someone would want to conduct a business. Then, we understand their expectations and knowledge about E-commerce. You see, not everyone is capable of running a full-fledged business. Some people just fancy the returns we reap. But the journey of running and scaling an E-commerce business is tough, challenging, and pretty interesting on the way. So, we drill our clients to become dedicated, persistent, and smart enough to take calculated risks. After rigorous training and workshops, we ensure that each batch morphs into a bunch of serious entrepreneurs, ready to rule the world of their niches, online.” That comment is by Trevor Fey, throwing light on how his program allows entrepreneurs to be business leaders in any E-commerce sector profitably online.

Trevor Fey is a fellow New Yorker who never led a comfortable life. Schooling was tough; earning money was tougher. But he persevered. He worked with his father, finding opportunities one after another. He had a rather sharp vision and realized the emergence of E-commerce in his young adult age. At 22, he ran an E-commerce business himself on Amazon Selling. This business took off rapidly within six months. He earned $1.5 million from there. He further comments, “There’s enough potential in running an E-commerce business. We teach our leaders in batches the tips and tricks to scale their new or existing E-commerce shop or business online.” Trevor Fey has the best consultation program for scaling any E-commerce business, evident from his current belief to double the revenue from his E-commerce business in the next few years.


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