Luisa Zhou, the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur Program, Provides a Peek into How She’s Been Able to Establish Leadership in a Crowded Industry

Luisa Zhou, the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur program, talks about the qualities that helped her stand out in a crowded and competitive industry.

Zhou teaches smart and successful people how to start their own six-figure plus online business. She has helped countless students grow their revenue to anywhere from 10K to 100K in less than a year. And her mission is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with actionable advice and inspiration that helps them start and build their own hugely profitable and meaningful businesses.

What makes Luisa extremely likable as a teacher is her empathetic nature. She can relate deeply to her students, as she was once in the same place that they are in now and went through the same journey that they want to go through (from employee to entrepreneur).

As such, she makes sure her lessons are taught from her students’ perspective. In other words, in a way that is easy to follow, tactical, and doable.

As a result, according to Zhou:

“Because people want to learn from me, I now have a combined audience of 100,000+ through my different social media channels and email list. What’s more, my student’s results speak for themselves. I have an unmatched—in quality and quantity—collection of student testimonials.”

Interestingly, Zhou now also makes use of her engineering background to simplify and streamline the way that she teaches. This allows her to be thorough and detailed while also being concise. (Which, from her testimonials, is something her students appreciate a lot!)

Moreover, she only teaches the things she knows and has experienced, which is why her courses are considered best-in-class and are able to help people achieve such great results.

She helps people realize what it’s like to create amazing value in the world and get paid for it themselves while building a great business and life.

And as a result of the value she creates for her students, she’s been able to do the same for herself:

I’ve found a happy medium and that’s what I teach. I work about 20 hours a week, have an awesome team, run a 7-figure business, and also live my life and work on other projects. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that this is my life. But this is what’s possible when you help others, work hard, and don’t give up.”

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