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As someone who has had to figure out things on his own for the most part of his life, Graydon Massiah, AKA Massiahg, is creating music to empower others to revel in their self-expression and self-belief. He has been making music since 2015 and has built quite a hardcore fanbase within and outside the country for years. His debut album, Maudlin, has gotten more than 850,000 streams on SoundCloud, and it has gotten him quite some attention from industry executives.

Massiahg makes music to connect like-minded people who enjoy alternative rock and hip-hop music. He is an independent artist, although open to record deals. He doesn’t intend to sign any recording contract until he is sure that the contract he is signing is good for him and his music. Massiahg releases his music and carries out other artistic activities under the SPOOFGANGKULT Collective. Every member of the collective work as a team towards achieving the same results. Most of the success that Massiahg has enjoyed so far in his career can be attributed to teamwork in the collective, which stands behind the “555” brand.

Massiahg has been guided by the mantra behind “555,” which says, “Things are changing, and the wheel of fate is turning.” He has applied this mantra to his life, and every day, he looks forward to something new happening in his life and career. Graydon has built a strong fan base in the US, UK, and across Europe, and his fan base comprises mostly young people in high school and college. He targets young people so he can inspire them to be themselves and prove to them that they can do big things by themselves without relying on contacts or certain people telling them what they can do or not do.

Over the course of his music career, Graydon Massiah has placed a premium on the connection he makes with his fans through his music. In his words, “I speak to individuals who support me daily, and I support their needs by helping them out with things that may go on in their lives. The versatility in my music also plays a big role as the average listeners get a variety of sounds and styles to listen from rock to rap to LOFi; it’s a whole menu to choose from.”

Massiahg went all out with his music career when he realized how challenging it was to become a well-known musician. He loves challenges as they keep him productive and active. His music has given him more than enough obstacles to overcome since he started five years ago. In the next five years, Graydon Massiah expects to have become a global superstar gracing billboards all over the world. He also wants to be not just a successful musician but also a music executive discovering talents and helping them reach their potentials by establishing an independent record label. He is passionate about holistic health and helping people live well. “I’ll also be investing in cannabis dispensaries and breeding strains together to make something new and help outpatients battling conditions with a better way of medicine use,” he says.

Learn more about MassiahG on his Instagram page.

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