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Matthew Llewellyn Shows the World the Power of Following Your Passion



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In today’s fast-paced world, most people are only engrossed in fulfilling their daily needs and building a secure future, even if that involves juggling through a 9-to-5 job that they are not even passionate about. What compels people to go through their mundane routine is that no one wants to take risks and compromise their financial security. However, Matthew Llewellyn took the leap and followed his passion for music, which eventually led him to become a star.

Despite having experience in the finance sector and being a lawyer by profession, Matthew Llewellyn followed his passion and became a music manager. It was through his unique strategies and unconventional ways that he was able to establish himself in the world of music. Llewellyn imbibed many skills from his past experiences, which in turn made him better at managing artists. Having a good eye for discovering top talent and signing them makes his success journey remarkable and noteworthy. Unlike other managers, Matthew Llewellyn believes in giving artists the independence to make their own decisions, while at the same time guiding them whenever needed. Llewellyn believes in being different and bringing a positive change in artists’ lives through his instincts and expertise. It is solely through his unique strategies, passion for music, and incredible approach towards managing artists that he has been able to set new standards and benchmarks within the music industry.

Matthew Llewellyn was brought up in Los Angeles, California. After completing his graduation from Pepperdine University, he attended law school and became an attorney. However, he was always drawn towards music, which led him to found Dark Horse Management, a music management company managing some of the best upcoming artists on the West Coast, like Vince Ash, Roddy Rackzz, and many more. Llewellyn is also a minority owner and stakeholder of Supervsn Studios and co-founder of numerous real estate investment companies.

What we learn from Matthew Llewellyn’s remarkable journey and accomplishments is that one should never be afraid of quitting their job for fear of the unknown. Instead, everybody must focus on pursuing their passion. Being different and unique is the key to excelling and reaching new heights of success, just as Matthew Llewellyn himself.

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