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Yas & Yusra Rising To Social Media Fame —— Celebs Promote & Support, Mikey Williams, Davion Robinson, and Hollywood Unlocked



Yas Yusra Rising To Social Media Fame —— Celebs Promote Support Mikey Williams Davion Robinson and Hollywood Unlocked

Yusra Gharram (24) and her wife, Yasmin Shenoda (26), are seemingly becoming the next rising Youtube couple. They were both born and raised in San Diego, California, and have Middle Eastern backgrounds. The couple utilized their platform to show their day-to-day livelihoods and a more in-depth look into a gay couple’s life while keeping it entertaining. Yusra is prior service, and her wife is a licensed cosmetologist. Their channel ‘Yas and Yusra’ along with their Instagram accounts have been rising and growing rapidly. The two are socialites as they “enjoy hanging out with family, grabbing drinks with friends, and most importantly, each other’s company.” The couple may be new to YouTube, but they provide attention-grabbing content and have had them featured on the likes of Hollywood Unlocked, Mikey Williams Instagram, and receiving consistent, public support from collegiate athletes and influencer Davion Robinson. On their channel, you can look to see games they play, pranks they pull on each other, and daily life.

Check this new rising couple out on their platforms below:

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