Meet Divyanshu Dixit, a young entrepreneur, who proved that nobody is too young to succeed

The prolific entrepreneur is all set to transform the face of the music industry for the better with his business ventures.

India is a developing country, and its growth is because of its people’s hard work. The sense of accomplishment is profoundly ingrained in them, and that’s why Indians in almost all countries do great work. Of all the success stories you have heard of, where people have made a mark with their profound work, Divyanshu’s is perhaps the most intriguing one. He is one of India’s young and influential entrepreneurs, who encourages and makes people know that it is never too late or too early to follow their dreams.

Divyanshu is an intelligent B-tech student. From the very beginning, he was inclined towards the music industry which he fulfilled by establishing his own company having interests in the field. His dream is to take his company to greater heights by actively supporting talent, where all the original singers get the chance they deserve, as well as singers who have sung in the past in the music industry. Divyanshu is a great fan of Indian music and wants to use his skills and talent to support as many talents as he can.

Divyanshu is already working on “Loop Beat Records,” his dream project. Which, according to the current popular music society, is transforming. This excellent music record label has left no stone unturned to entertain its listeners and fans and is all fired up to keep emerging with new songs and give all the music geeks and enthusiasts of the country a special dose of amusement.

Divyanshu started supporting young singers by helping them to collaborate in India and abroad with various top artists. He wants to see the Indian singers perform worldwide and get global recognition. In addition to being an entrepreneur in the music industry, Divyanshu also likes to discover different environments and loves traveling and photography. He feels it is important to establish good ties with people from different places, as it extends your scope and you can learn many new things.

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