Meet Florian Sondershausen, a gamer, chef, digital finance expert and entrepreneur

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Florian Sondershausen is a man of many talents, he is a successful digital entrepreneur and the founder of Sondershausen Media GmbH a digital finance marketing agency that he started with his business partner Christian Haag. Together, the duo teach people how to get involved in the world of digitisation.

When asked about what he does, Florian was quoted saying, “I can show people that they can lower their comsum to earn more money. If people understood the money system today, we would have a revolution tomorrow.”

Being a part of the digital finance industry wasn’t Florian’s interest when he was younger but was also fond of the internet and all the avenues it opens for people. He was a gamer with WOW games and made good money being one of their best gamers. Following which he quit to pursue his dream of becoming a chef, which he did and excelled at, earning a star for his restaurant.

After pursuing both his dreams, he decided to explore digital finance and after some training, he became extremely good at it. Now, he is a digital finance expert making six figure monthly sales and even helps other people understand and become a part of the ever growing world of digital finance.