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Meet Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, known as DJ Phellix, Music producer from Iran




Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, known as DJ Phellix. Born in Tehran in 28/04/1988. He is a graduate of “IT Engineering” and Gemology.

As a child, his interest in music, especially Rock, led him to become an electric guitarist, and in several Rock bands, he played Rhythm Guitar in a variety of Genre. On the other hand, his interest in traditional Iranian music Led him to combine Iranian music with Western music. He entered the field of Electronic Music in 2012 with DJing. He became acquainted with Ableton software in 2016. Since 2018, he has professionally released his works in the style of Deep House. His work includes “Bar Sabzeh Neshin”, which is listed on the Buddha Bar album. He has Currently signed more than 20 Record Labels so far including “Soave Records, Palm Therapy Sounds, DeepShine Records, DeepStrips Records, Cafe De Anatolia, Maniana Records, Kudoz Records, LucidPlain Records, LW Recording, Cherokee Recordings & …”

He has collaborated with many Domestic and Foreign Musicians and Singers in the field of Fusion-Electronic Music. Among his recent activities is composing and Arranging in Hooraaz Band. The band has recently embarked on Electronic Music & Recently He Runs His Own Record Label “Ario Records”

He seeks to introduce oriental music, especially Iranian music, Persian poetry, as well as to introduce Iranian instruments in the form and space of Electronic Music (Deep House) to Music enthusiasts around the world.

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