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Meet Tomas Chlup Renowned Fitness Expert of Today’s Digital Age.



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While digital is a big launchpad and offers Nutrition that is economical and popular, it is important to go beyond digital and at times have an in-person attachment with people around.

Consumer shift is being marked across multiple digital platforms, and the pattern is related in most of the lifestyle categories, including health and fitness.

We came across one popular fitness expert of Czech Republic named Tomas Chlup who is gaining popularity on various social media platforms from the past few years.

Connecting People:

While building a customer connection and regular engagement is relatively easy and economical via digital platforms, Tomas knows that and uses it rightly for his personal growth. Making apps, writing blogs, posting creative and good content for followers has given him a good fan following organically from different parts of the world.

Tomas Chlup style of fitness is different and effective. According to the Czech Republic’s fitness guru, Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand; it is very necessary to master the details of Nutrition along with understanding the fitness art that you have decided.

A respectable fitness expert will always guide you best in exercise and also eat the right diet. Tomas Chlup uses the latest technique for his fans, and he has a perfect training program for all. Running in marathons, he is a hybrid fitness expert.

He loves to guide people in his Gf gym; he motivates people to get the right shape. And now with his Konektr app, he is bringing all influencers together with him, and they will help people via video calls which is the only way right now to guide people in Pandemic.

Tomas wants to see people live a healthy and happy life. Spending time with family friends, eating the right food, remaining active on social media platforms sharing good things makes your day fantastic and Tomas Chlup does it regularly. Here’s wishing social media influencer aka fitness expert and also PRO chef all the best and we hope his every step helps more and more people live a good life.

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