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Mohammad Shariq, the New Treasurer of Trade Union



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Mohd Shariq is elected as New Treasurar of TRADE UNION After sacrificing ,donating and changing millions of lives daily. He took up the tedious task of orgainising the sector thats worst hit during this pandemic COVID 19
It was his vision that envisioned to further strengthen the Business ,shop owners. small traders that are worst effected. After keeping a keen eye on his social work that boasts of helping the community.. with no social media outpourings or benefits ( He is a proud progeny of such social activist.. as his fore fathers donated lands to farmer schedule tribes and other minorities)

He has a core team of members who work within the area to help the small shop owners to derive fund and boost income. Shariq is popularly known as Socialist Shariq for his work towards the economic redevelopment of GDP that’s below 1 right now under this Government.
After demonitisation, the worst hit are the traders.So, to provide a helping hand as always

Mohd Shariq has been elected as the youth icon for his perseverance work towards strengthing these merchant’s

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