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Mothering Sunday 2020: Know everything about Mother’s Day in the UK




Mother’s Day, otherwise called ‘Mothering Sunday’, is praised in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the fourth Sunday in Lent. It’s not a public holiday. In 2020, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 22 March in the UK.

A great many people today liken Mothering Sunday with the customs of the American Mother’s Day and even though the modern celebration of this holiday in the UK and Ireland is equivalent to the international version, the origin of Mother’s Day in the British Isles has nothing to do with anything maternal.

Traditionally, it was a day when kids, for the most part, daughters, who had gone to work as domestic hirelings were given a day away from work to visit their mom and family.

It is commonly seen in parishes of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, as well as in the Free Churches in the British Isles and numerous Anglican parishes all through the world, particularly in Canada and Australia. It falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, precisely three weeks before Easter Day. When seen as a day on which individuals would visit their “mother” church, it has become an event for honoring the moms of children and giving them presents.

It is progressively being called Mother’s Day, even though that name additionally has a place with the American secular holiday which is very particular from the original Mothering Sunday.

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, is presently a day to honor moms and other mother figures, for example, grandmas, stepmothers, and mothers-in-law. Numerous individuals put forth a special attempt to visit their mom. They take cards and gifts to her and may treat her to brunch, lunch or high tea in a cafe, restaurant or hotel. Individuals who can’t visit their mom usually send gifts or cards to her.

A significant part of Mothering Sunday is giving cards and gifts. Common Mother’s Day gifts are cakes, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and luxurious clothing. A few people don’t give a physical gift, however, decide to get their mom or grandma a special meal, beauty treatment or fun excursion.

Uniquely decorated Mother’s Day cakes are accessible in numerous stores. In the days and weeks before Mothering Sunday, numerous schools, Sunday schools, and children’s associations help their pupils to set up a carefully assembled card or gift for their mom.

What are the origins of Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day?

The origins of Mothering Sunday in the UK start in the Middle Ages when kids who had left their families to work in domestic service were permitted to return to their home church – or “mother church” as it was known.

At first, the “mothering” aspect of the day had no connection to maternal guardians, as it does today.

The journey home likewise transformed into a spring event for families to rejoin.

The custom at that point created for kids to pick flowers in transit home as a gift to their moms.

The date likewise became a celebration as the fasting rules of Lent were loose to permit revelers a long-awaited feast.

So it likewise got known as Refreshment Sunday, Simnel Sunday – after the simnel cakes customarily baked on the day – and Pudding Pie Sunday to a few.

How did “Mothering Sunday” become “Mother’s Day”?

The American celebration of Mother’s Day, which is held later in the year and has no religious implications, drifted over the Atlantic.

So soon Mothering Sunday became more prominently known as Mother’s Day in the UK.

The American day was made in 1907 by Anna Jarvis, who held a memorial for her mom Ann Jarvis, a peace activist who treated injured soldiers in the American Civil War.

Her daughter campaigned for a day to honor the role played by moms.

The thought increased such traction that by 1911 all US states took on the holiday.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson announced Mother’s Day a national holiday.

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