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Musical Artist Vince Lajan Has Built A Life He Desired



Musical Artist Vince Lajan Has Built A Life He Desired

Thoughts become things, says Vince Lajan, and has built a virtual mastermind for students to create a successful Amazon Drop Shipping business worth multiple 7-figures. He has been handling the Amazon account with his team of 400 people for 6 years. He started with a team of 3 virtual assistants and built it over.

Today Vince is a stay-at-home dad to his 7 years old daughter and all he needs to carry out his business is a laptop and internet connection. He has the opportunity to travel all over the world while looking after his business and also coaching future entrepreneurs.

Vince Lajan advises the young entrepreneurs they need to get the right mentor and shadow them to get results. He says, “You must want it as much as you want to breathe.” His working style is different from others as he is not jumping from project to project. Rather he takes up 1 and scales it to maximum height.

The man once had only $100 as his bank balance but today the same account reflects a multi-million figure. Financial freedom, Vince says, is being able to live off the interest from all the investments you have made when you decide to stop making more deals. The power of freedom has to be achieved by keeping a positive mindset and building on it.


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