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The most important success factor in trading from Vahid Motaghi



The most important success factor in trading from Vahid Motaghi

In the field of trading, no research has shown that people with higher education or intelligence are more successful traders. The fact is that successful people have better trading habits.

Trading requires a constant style and habit, not that you want to follow the rules of trading from tomorrow, no, you will not become such a trader.

Let me give you a simple definition of habit: Habit is a normal program and flow of behavior that is repeated regularly and flows unconsciously.  Habits are the result of regular and consistent repetition.  Habits become behaviors once formed without first thinking or planning.  Like breathing, like running.

You have to get used to trading like driving.  Driving is a habit and has nothing to do with science and knowledge.  Trading is like a diet to lose weight, you have to change your lifestyle to be able to maintain your diet on a regular basis.  You have to make a will first and then make the will a habit on the way.  According to Aristotle, man is nothing but his habits.

Whenever possible you should have all of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.  When you drive, it’s as if it’s easy, all the driving principles become the queen of your mind, and you play habits.  Trading will be annoying until you get used to it. Profits will be made at random, but it will not be sustainable, and your mind will always be confused.

Vahid Motaghi

(Profit or the path to profit?)

  Profit is not important, the path to profit is more important here.  You may have made huge profits from the market, but due to lack of proper trading habits, you have returned the profits to the market itself.  But when the right habits are gained, this benefit will be more stable and more continuous.

As you know, humans are good learning machines. This is one of the main differences between us and other species of living things.  Man begins to learn from the moment he is born.  If he could not learn well, he would face many problems.  Habits are also the result of deep human repetition and learning.  If a person does a behavior, speech or action in a way that is repeated, at least they will be done voluntarily and without any hassle and trouble.

Let’s look at this story from a brain perspective. When we want to do a new behavior, the brain instructs other organs to do what it does by moving neurons inside itself (nerve cells).  Neurons move in the brain and transmit commands.  For the first time, this movement is not easy for the neurons, but repetition and repetition cause the neurons to travel that path faster and easier than before, so that they no longer need the command of the brain and go the same path quickly.  Habits are created in this way, a behavior that is so repetitive that neurons move quickly and easily without a brain command.

Now that you are more familiar with the nature of habit, you will better understand why big traders always insist on trying to stay in the market and trade and gain experience.  They do not emphasize profit, they emphasize staying until the right habits are formed first, and after the formation of these profits, they are born and continue over time.

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