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National FFA Week: History and Significance of Future Farmers of America Week in Honour of George Washington’s Birthday Week



National FFA Week History and Significance of Future Farmers of America Week in Honour of George Washington’s Birthday Week

National FFA Week 2024 is scheduled to take place from February 17 to 24, the Saturday before the last Saturday of the month. It is an annual holiday. The National Future Farmers of America Organization founded the holiday. Its goal is to equip the next generation of farmers with the skills necessary to meet the demands of feeding the nation’s expanding population. With over 760,000 student members across 8,700 local F.F.A. chapters in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, the organization encourages youth leadership development. Fun fact: to honor George Washington’s legacy as a leading farmer and leader, National F.F.A. Week was deliberately scheduled to coincide with his birthday.

National FFA Week History

The National Future Farmers of America Organization, one of the biggest youth leadership groups in the country, founded National F.F.A. Week to improve young people’s lives by promoting their potential for leadership, personal development, and professional success through agricultural education.

Initiated by a group of youthful farmers in 1928, the purpose of F.F.A. is to educate members on a range of agricultural technology, science, and business subjects, such as agronomy, food science & technology, dairy food, and agriculture business, to better equip future generations to feed the country’s expanding population. This is done during National F.F.A. Week.

At first, just one day was set aside for the celebration. In 1948, the National FFA Board of Directors started a week-long tradition to honor George Washington’s leadership qualities and agricultural legacy.

Every year, during the week-long break, all 700,000 F.F.A. members use agricultural education to further their leadership, personal development, and professional success in inventive and creative ways within their local F.F.A. chapters. Members of F.F.A. will participate in service-based, leadership, and agricultural activities across the nation during the week.

The organization holds competitions for Career Development Events or Courses where student members compete to demonstrate the skills they have acquired from the program’s agricultural education instruction.


In 1917, a statewide organization for students studying vocational agriculture was founded in Virginia: the Future Farmers of America (FFA). The first constitution and bylaws for the “New Farmers of Virginia” were drafted by G.W. Owens, a teacher-trainer at Virginia State College, and H.O. Sargent, a federal agent for agricultural education for African Americans, by 1927. Their bylaws and constitution influenced the FFA’s bylaws and constitution.

An organization called The New Farmers served African-American students studying agriculture. The organization ran in tandem with Future Farmers of America until 1965, when the civil rights movement forced the two to combine. The National FFA was then founded in 1928, and National FFA Week would later be observed as the organization’s first national convention. Members from eighteen states (Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin) attended the first meeting in Kansas City that year.

In observance of National FFA Week, FFA chapters across the country share information about what FFA is and how it affects members every day.

Did you know?

In honor of George Washington’s contributions as a farmer and agriculturist, the National FFA Board of Directors declared the week of his birthday to be National FFA Week in 1947, starting a week-long tradition.

Educate and advocate!

During National FFA Week, FFA members, alumni, and sponsors have the chance to promote FFA and agricultural education. It’s an opportunity to explain FFA to audiences in your community, state, and country and the daily effects it has on members.

Enjoy yourself!

February 17–24 is National FFA Week this year. During National FFA Week, we honor the everyday contributions that FFA makes to the lives of its members.

An activity calendar with some suggestions for celebrating this week can be found on the National FFA website. FFA chapters are invited to share how they will be celebrating starting on Saturday, February 17.

The junior officer team of the Poteet FFA organized a calendar of events featuring various dress-up days for junior high students. These days include Rodeo Day, Blue and Gold Pride Day, and Dress Like Your Favorite Animal.

On Sunday, FFA members are asked to share the narrative of their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). National FFA advises chapters to share their community service initiatives on Monday. Tell us about the impact an ag teacher or advisor has had on your life on Wednesday, February 21.

In addition to daily donations, friends and family can make a special day gift to FFA on February 21. Post a selfie in your blue on February 23. Post pictures from your #FFAweek celebration on February 24.

Show your support even if you are not an FFA member. February 22 is Give FFA Day, a day to honor and raise money for the next generation of agricultural leaders. Numerous youth agricultural organizations and initiatives exist, including regional agricultural boosters. Reward the local youth, who put forth a great deal of effort in this community.

Select a look for National Wear Blue Day on February 23 in observance of FFA. Now would be the perfect time to proudly wear your FFA T-shirt if you own one.

Throughout the week, a chapter can spread the word about FFA and pique people’s interest in agriculture through a variety of events! A few chapters organize “Ag Olympics” competitions, some organize breakfasts to show appreciation for teachers, and still others engage in community service projects. These are just a few examples of the ways chapters encourage FFA in their local communities and schools.

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