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New Retail Trading investing platform founded by Brett Corrigan reshapes the Industry



New Retail Trading investing platform founded by Brett Corrigan reshapes the Industry

In an ever-evolving and increasingly complex economic landscape, a growing number of young professionals and entrepreneurs are seeking to gain a financial foothold through the application of novel ideas and methods. Entrepreneurs such as Brett Corrigan help level the playing field for investors by discussing their trading ethos, trading data, and the entire range of modern technologies.

Brett, or Brett Trades, is 23 years old. He was born and raised in New York City, where he later received a master’s degree in finance and began working as an equities researcher for a hedge fund that specializes in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. He then took a position in the finance department of a prestigious investment bank, where he immersed himself in the world of numbers and stock exchanges. As his career progressed, Brett honed his knowledge of investing and passed it on to eager students. Numerous open-source algorithmic trading tools he developed are used by thousands of traders, and he has published scripts on the popular trading portal Trading View. Brett’s dedication to his trade and love of the financial markets shine through in the form of open-sourced algorithms and methodologies as well as instructional material on his YouTube and Instagram accounts. With a strong drive to provide retail investors a leg up, he developed Boom Stocks, a mobile and desktop trading tool catering only to those individuals. With the help of The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) and the NASDAQ, he was able to create a trading platform that gives private traders access to the same level of stock research as large financial institutions. Not only does the program offer a wealth of free educational materials to its users, but it also allows them to keep track of their trades, analyze their performance, and learn from their mistakes by keeping a trade journal.

Intelligent Order Tracking is built into Boom Stocks and it can detect Smart Money trades by analyzing a large amount of data for each order as it hits the tape. The software intelligently draws attention to important orders by analyzing niche market data and sending alerts to end users. The Advanced Trade Tracking, Comprehensive Optimization, and P/L Calendars that are provided by Boom Stocks’ Comprehensive Trade Journal will greatly aid you in keeping tabs on and analyzing your Option and Equity transactions. Market and stock analysis, technical analysis, swing trading opportunities, investment theses, and earnings calendars are all part of the package.

With millions of views across Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube and thousands of active users across Boom Stocks, Brett Corrigan is a model of young success and wealth generation.

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