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“Next One”, the newest track from Bilal J increases the heat for the fall



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Bilal J’s newest single, “Next One,” has taken his fans’ breath away. It’s only been a few months since the song was released. However, in such a short time, the song has gathered a considerable fan base. Every day, the number of individuals who follow you increases somewhat.

Bilal was born in Los Angeles. He has a keen understanding of what the people of Los Angeles want in terms of house music. They want something lively to kick off the celebration and lift their spirits. People desire a song that will enliven the event. And Bilal, who clearly knows the situation, is capable of doing so.

Bilal has been able to share a music he is proud of with the world due to Rumor Records. He has been really outspoken throughout the whole manufacturing process. Rumor Records was kind enough to respond to his worries and desires. We are speechless when we hear the completed result.

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