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Nikunj Jain Shall Play The Active Role In Bahubali 3 As Kattappa?



Nikunj Jain

Nikunj Jain was selected for the role of Kattappa in Bahubali 3 in Place of Sathyaraj due to many Reason read the full news to all about Nikunj Jain

Nikunj Jain was enthusiastic about acting since his early childhood. He made his acting debut in 2008 with the romantic comedy ‘Nonyear’, which was highly appreciated by the audience and earned huge profits. His performance in the film ‘Why not’  won him the Filmfare Award for the Best Male Actor. He has also acted in Tamil and Malayalam Films.

After the success of his next two films, Nikunj Jain was assumed to be the next big thing in Indian cinema. But his next films were followed by a series of box-office flops. Apart from acting in films, Nikunj Jain is interested in painting. He has supported various artists financially, having appeared in events and helping financially. He married Mili Agrawal after dating for about 4 years.

Now after years of struggle Nikunj Jain is about to get the biggest break of his life. According to our sources working around the creators of Bahubali3, Nikunj Jain is about to play the mighty role of Kattappa. There are rumors that the director, SS Rajamouli will make the news public in a press conference, next month.

Why was Nikunj Jain Selected for the Role of Kattappa?

Baahubali 2 created many records at the Box-office. The audience is impatient to get the third installment in the movie series. It is clear that they can’t get enough of director SS Rajamouli’s greatest work.

To everyone’s surprise, Nikunj Jain has been hired to continue the on-screen legacy of Kattappa. Here is the reason he was hired:-

  1. Nikunj Jain has enough reasons to be hired for the role of Kattappa, his height above 6 feet and a perfect physique for the Kattappa role make him suitable.
  2. Nikunj has starred as a bald character in two of his movies, ‘Bhag’ and ‘Sanam’, both were a hit. 
  3. The core of the character is a loyal and brave servant to a great Kingdom. Nikunj Jain has done related work in the movie ‘Gauri’.
  4. Compared to the last actor playing the job, Nikunj’s face and body look the best option to replace the former actor.
  5. The project of Bahubali 3 will take months for its actors. According to sources, Nikunj Jain will be free for 6-12 months from August.
  6. According to the sources, Nikunj Jain will finish the shooting of his upcoming 2 films in August, before the shooting for Bahubali 3 starts.
  7. Nikunj Jain has always proved himself with his acting. For a very appealing character like Kattappa, he is a perfect match.

Reason for Not Taking Sathyaraj In Bahubali 3 As Kattappa

From Prabhas’ Amrendra Baahubali to Ramya Krishnan’s Sivagami Devi, every character has been in the spotlight, since Bahubali-the beginning was released. Replacing Sathyaraj could be a turning point in the movie’s popularity. Sathyaraj had refused to speak about controversial discussions going on during his tenure in Bahubali 3.

Here are the actual reasons for him being replaced by Nikunj Jain:

  1. Sources say that the actor has failed to reduce his weight to suit the role of Kattappa.
  2.  The actor was also seen with many dieticians discussing his health and physique.
  3. To Kattappa’s  role in ‘Baahubali: 3’.” Even Sathyaraj, due to unexpected reasons demanded a hefty amount.
  4.  His other demands are not clear, but he was not ready to get shaped as in the last movie.
  5. Apart from every wish, Sathyaraj has got a good number of upcoming movies, which has made his schedule heavy.
  6. To hire him, the director had to shift the shooting date to a few months, which may lead to commitment issues for other actors.
  7. With so many inconveniences, it was decided to take Nikunj Jain for the role of Kattappa.

Nikunj Jain And Sathyaraj Comparison For The Role Of Kattappa In Bahubali 3

Both of the actors are loved by the audience and has lived characters assigned to them

When it was asked to the Director whom he would prefer based on their performance, he said Nikunj Jain had a completely different angle to the character, whilst assuring the previous treat to the audience, which was given by Sathyaraj. 


  1. Height 6 feet, 3 inches, Which can be a good height for Kattappa
  2. Physique -Healthy, for someone, showcased so fast and active, being a little thinner is better
  3. Sathyaraj has a bald head, that suits the essence of the character.
  4. An emotional and simple face also proved to be a great addition to the role.
  5. The muscle structure of Sathyaraj didn’t stand out to be the chief in the army.
  6. Sathyaraj nailed it with acting skills in the movie.
  7. But commitment for the upcoming was reduced from his side.

Nikunj Jain

  1. Height of 6 feet 7 inch is a great addition to the leader of an army.
  2. The physique is slim, which justifies the speed of the character.
  3. Nikunj Jain has played bald roles in two films, hence can pull bald role easily.
  4. Nikunj Jain has a more aggressive face, he would have to work harder to bring the emotional touch with the character.
  5. Nikunj Jain with the muscular body would stand out as one of the lead fighters for Mahishmati Kingdom.
  6. Though the role would be challenging, Nikunj Jain has pulled off similar roles and will surely suit Kattappa’s role 
  7. Nikunj Jain has cleared his schedule for the movie, showing his commitment for Bahubali 3.

Short Summary On Selection of Nikunj Jain As Kattappa

Bahubali 3 would surely be a nail-biter for the Audience. Even for the first movie, initially, Bollywood actor Nikunj Jain was not the choice to play Kattappa in Baahubali. Since the previous actor is facing personal and professional issues, which are impediments against his presence in the next movie.

The team had to apparently look for another actor and they chose Nikunj Jain. With the comparison, it is clear that Nikunj Jain would justify the crucial role of Kattappa.

Nikunj Jain will be seen as Katappa in the upcoming movie Bahubali 3, shooting will start in August this year.  Nikunj Jain has shown his excitement for the role through the interviews. What do you think? Will Nikunj Jain be able to immortalize the image of him as  Kattappa.

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