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Owner of a beautiful voice; Anuj Kumar



Anuj Kumar

India has many artists. The real art of India lives in the villages. The population in the villages of India is very large. More than 80% of people live in villages or small cities in India. The Indian culture is very famous all over the world. The fame of Indian culture is the result of the true efforts of the Indian common people. The common people of India have a lot of art. Many of these artists die unnoticed by the world. Some of these artists have some common problems like…

  • Lack of proper stage to perform or we can say that the lack of a proper platform.
  • Lack of props.
  • Lack of teamwork.
  • Lack of any support.
  • Poverty
  •  Big families to look after.

These are some common problems related to artists in common people. They need to look after big families and must earn a handsome amount. This need will drive them to work in another field. This will lead to investing more time of these artists in other works rather than their art. The lack of a proper platform is also a reason that makes it difficult to survive in the market for these artists. All the major problems are removed with the help of “virtual platforms”. These adversities are solved through virtual platforms. There are many artists, who use these platforms to perform their best in front of the world.

One famous name in the artists of virtual platforms is ‘Anuj Kumar’. Anuj Kumar is a singer on the virtual platform of music. Spotify,, Jio Saavan, and Apple Music are the platforms to publish music albums online. Anuj Kumar says,

“It is the hard work and persistence that a person puts in to get success. There is an investment of a lot of sleepless nights for the achievement of real success. Confidence is also a must quality in an artist.”

Anuj Kumar has put a lot of effort to become a famous artist. These efforts have resulted in immense success. The songs by Anuj Kumar are winning the hearts of millions of people. The songs by Anuj Kumar include, ‘Gori Gori Surat’, ‘Time’, and ‘Dukh’. This singer sings the songs mainly in Hindi, Punjabi, and English. Anuj Kumar is getting famous with the help of his magical voice. He will soon be a well-known star in the Indian Music Industry. His efforts and the art are a perfect blend to entertain the public at a large. As it is said that “an artist is born and can’t be made.” Artists like Anuj Kumar are born and can’t be made. The blend of perfect art and proper training is the special quality of Anuj Kumar. The artist is busy making another beautiful song to entertain the public. The fans of Anuj Kumar always wait eagerly for his album. Truly, the singers like Anuj Kumar are true assets for the art world.

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