Pallu Gupta alias Shubham gupta, Founder of Angry Youth Organisation Trust NGO

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Shubham gupta is the successful founder of an NGO Angry Youth having head office in Meerut and branches in different cities like Kanpur, Agra , Surat , Delhi Etc. At the age of just 27 now, he is an inspiration to many of the youth who want to achieve extraordinary aims. Social service is not easy as it looks like, it requires deep sensibility of humanity and emotions. He sinked his teeth into the social services at his 16 at the individual level but sooner he came to know about shahid bhagat singh and his sacrifices for the country.

All this changed the pattern of his social services he wanted organised structure of social services. So, he founded a group of youth for the social causes and named it Angry Youth organisation trust. Now it’s been almost 10 years of successful running of the Ngo and more than 1000 youths are directly and indirectly involved with him for the social causes. He organised Hundreds of Food and donation Drives for the children living in Underprivileged conditions and he is also working for the education of them.

He runs the awareness drives for the Rights of the women. During this journey he faced many challenges like make people to join social services and the balance between his personal and professional life but nothing negative could stop him. In this modern world many youths are voluntarily indulging in social services as this is the only thing which can provide mental peace to them.

Shubham gupta is providing a medium to those youth to reach and serve to the poor and needy section of the society. One can make his dreams come true like Shubham gupta , he just needs to be dedicated and focused toward his goals. Pallu gupta is the Evident example for the young people who want to start and achieve something big in their life. He wishes to encourage more and more youth to join the social services so that the society will be better place for the underprivileged people as well.