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Pasino Referral Promo Code to win up to 0.5 Bitcoin free every day (Best Sign-up bonus)


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The Pasino Referral Code can be claimedhere with the exclusive Pasino referral link. This will allow you to claim a daily free spin to win up to 0.5 Bitcoin every single day, plus you can claim loads of other amazing cryptocurrency rewards.

You can also visit the Pasino Referral Code homepage here to learn more about how to claim the free spin offer.

What other bonuses can be claimed at Pasino?

  • Cashback of up to 0.75%
  •  Every time you level up, you can earn rewards in USDT
  • Chance to catch crypto rain and airdrops all day long
  • Bonus links and codes, which offer various prizes

And of course, the daily free spin which – offers prizes including BTC, ETHER, GEM and TRX as well as many more.

The Lucky Wheel bonus is easy to claim, there will be a flashing spinning wheel on the page when you log in – this will appear every 24 hours. All you need to do is spin, and collect whatever your prize may be. The prizes are yours to keep and you can use them at Pasino or withdraw them if you wish.

How to deposit and withdraw funds at Pasino?

Offering very quick deposits and withdrawals, and support for over 15 different cryptocurrencies, Pasino makes it simple and convenient to move your crypto assets.

To deposit simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to the wallet tab (top right of page)
  • Go to deposit
  • Select your preferred cryptocurrency
  • Copy the deposit address  (or you can scan it)
  • Send to this new address from your funding source – make sure the networks match

Now within a very short period (just a few confirmations) , and your funds should be available to use.

To withdraw your assets is equally as simple too:

  • Go to the wallet again
  • Select withdraw
  • Pick the correct cryptocurrency
  • Enter the correct destination address
  • Make sure it is the correct Network
  • Enter the amount to withdraw
  • Now click place withdrawal

The withdrawals are typically processed very quickly (usually within a few minutes) and will be sent to your desired crypto wallet or address.

So, new users can join Pasino today and claim the daily free spin here!

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