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Patrick Schmetzer: Interior Design Photography Tips



Patrick Schmetzer Interior Design Photography Tips 1

When taking interior photos, light enters the room through the window and illuminates it more or less. At this time, a tripod is required at the latest. When the outside sunlight is shining around, and the brightness difference between indoor and outdoor is too great for the camera to handle. The combination of the human eye and the brain can easily compensate for differences in brightness. The camera now either makes the room too dark and the view from the window is good, or the room is nice and the outside is too bright. In the exposure series, you can optimally expose all areas of the subject, and then synthesize according to your perception of the scene in digital image processing.

Interior photos can be taken well under a cloudy sky. The rooms of different materials, colors, or structures can achieve clarity and tranquility through uniform lighting. There will be too much reflection or drama of light and shadow. On the other hand, a very neutral, sober room can be greatly enhanced by a few rays of sunlight. The really tricky part is shooting indoor scenes in front of large windows in light. If the sun shines completely into the room, the floor will be severely overexposed, and, depending on the material, it will be extremely reflective.

Patrick Schmetzer Interior Design Photography Tips 4

Photography of furnished interiors for architects, designers, and interior designers

In this type of interior photography, the focus is on faithfully reproducing the colors, materials, and proportions of furniture and textiles. Therefore, all distracting accessories are removed. -Unlike, for example, a hotel marketing lens, burning candles on the table, rose petals, a magazine with reading glasses or a woolen blanket to decorate the bed, drinks Glasses on a coffee table.

The architectural photos of the furniture interiors are designed to show how the furniture and textiles are arranged in the room. Based on the visualization, you can understand how the furniture and room effects are planned. It is always recommended to take photos directly based on the visualization.

Patrick Schmetzer Interior Design Photography Tips

In addition, if you can surprise architects and designers with a new perspective from the perspective of an architectural photographer, then it is perfect. I think this is the greatest pleasure you can give a creative person when you open up a new, artistic perspective on their object.

The lighting concept of the room is also part of it. The best way to photograph a “lighting series” from any selected vantage point is to browse all possible lighting options at once. Depending on the lighting conditions of the surrounding environment, it may be useful to dim the artificial lighting in order to blend into the overall situation more harmoniously.

Later, when choosing the top ten patterns, you can compare By comparison, you can see which lighting variant is best for the overall picture. It is also important to pay attention to details when shooting and show them in attractive detail.

Patrick Schmetzer Interior Design Photography Tips 3

Photography of inhabited properties for the real estate industry

When marketing real estate, it is more common to be asked to enter the privacy of residents to take pictures of the houses they sell or rent. Sales and rentals are usually carried out without furniture. Therefore, not only for real estate photography but also for viewing, it is advisable if everything is tidy and the floor, heating, windows, and walls are visible except for furniture, carpets, and decorations.

In order to make the scene shooting as fast as possible, residents can prepare something. It makes sense to take pictures of the basic conditions of the room in advance so that everything can be put back in place afterward. In real estate photography, wide-angle lenses are also very popular to show as many room references as possible in one photo. In real estate photography, wide-angle In real estate photography, a wide-angle lens that displays as much spatial reference as possible in a photo is usually appreciated. For example, an open kitchen leads to a large space.

Patrick Schmetzer Interior Design Photography Tips 2

5 Tips for preparing the property for photography and viewing

1. Tidy up.
a. Thoroughly clean up. The less furniture, the bigger the room looks. It is best to keep all surfaces, including floors, tables, shelves, and cabinets as clean as possible.

2. Remove personal items
a. Personal family photos, calendars, postcards, children’s drawings, jewelry, glasses, etc. should be collected to protect privacy.

3. Bathrooms cleaned
a. Imagine what you want the bathroom in the hotel room to look like. There is no scale on the fixtures, no toothpaste from predecessors, no used towels, clean floors, and bathroom furniture.

4. The kitchen is a focal point, especially for families.

a. The floor and storage area should be cleaned up. All kitchen appliances have been given a new look. Imagine what you want the kitchen in your holiday home to look like.

5. Access and exterior areas are clean and low on deco.
a. The entrance of the hotel will be the first impression. And because the decoration is a matter of taste, less is more.

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