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Paulsholiday shares how to achieve superior energy levels in entrepreneurship



Paul Preda Voicu

Following a series of remarkable accomplishments within the digital entrepreneurship arena, Paul Preda Voicu shares his success recipe in an exclusive online interview. Ambition and vision coupled with an extraordinary execution can create astonishing results in any business realm, yet Paulsholiday underlines that there are many other hidden gems that can be used to climb the ladder of success. 

“Everybody talks about time and money but no one talks about sustainable energy levels” says the 27 year old entrepreneur. Paulsholiday claims that energy levels can often be the determining factor behind a flawless execution in many scenarios but creating a long lasting reserve of energy for multiple life challenges is an art. The entrepreneur underlines that most of us are either made for sprints or marathons and many people cannot use them interchangeably. “We all have a rhythm that we set for ourselves, we create habits that later on cannot be changed”, says Pauls Holiday. 

According to him, the battle starts with managing stress levels efficiently and picking multiple weapons to diffuse unnecessary stress. Oftentimes short breaks followed by intense bursts sessions of work can increase both our productivity levels and our comfort levels. 

“Achieving a state of flow where stress is diffused is a must for every entrepreneur.” Unfortunately sometimes “life happens” and we are requested to step outside of our flow state and face the variables or the unforeseen. Paul considers that lightening your load of activities and focusing on the priorities is a must. The entrepreneur claims that the success behind was achieved by streamlining the list of “must-do” activities and outsourcing tasks. 

“Look away! “ says @paulsholiday. Paul Preda Voicu considers that a major energy drainer for most entrepreneurs is their screen. Be it a telephone screen, a TV or a laptop, blue light and the fact that we don’t blink as often in front of a screen kills our energy levels and leads to headaches and dizziness. He continues by underlining the importance of taking frequent breaks of glazing at the sun or outdoors. 

Transcendental meditation is another practice that Paulsholiday has used efficiently to increase his energy levels. As weird as it may sound, Paul considers that meditation is definitely a weapon that you should consider in battling anxiety levels. “It helps you pace yourself and have more clarity”. He recommends using the headspace app to get started.

In conclusion, Paul says that there are strategic battles that we need to have with ourselves in order to increase our energy levels and achieve more. These battles are won by breaking bad habits and creating efficient habits that can change the course of our lives. 

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