Puneet Tyagi Will Capture Your Attention With An Irresistible Charm: A True Fashion Influencer & A Model

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We all know how popular fashion influencers are becoming these days, but in this widespread competition, how do we find the perfect fashionista or influencer who can actually prove themselves to be one of the best? Such people are hard to find, but you will certainly know for sure if you observe not just the originality, personality, but also the talent. One such individual is Puneet Tyagi, an influencer from Delhi who has become popular in a very short period of time, and has proved himself to be one of the fastest growing names among all of the influencers who are struggling these days. He has not only mastered the art of showcasing the trends, but has also captured a lot of attention on his social media platforms. Currently also improving his YouTube channel, imparting knowledge on how he succeeded using his fashion mantra, he has become a general favourite among mostly the people of Delhi. You might want to follow him on Instagram to get to know him a little closely.

He was born on 13 August 1993. Puneet Tyagi is a man who was born and brought up in Delhi itself, with a lot of dreams and enthusiasm in his eyes. Currently he is working along with the law firm since he had decided to go along with it as a teenager, from Delhi itself.

Deriving a lot of motivation from the positive feedback that he receives from people, he is proud to be a fashion influencer and a model who can impact people positively and innovate them into becoming somebody similar.

“Actually , when people talk about fashion influencers, they only think about how they promote themselves on social media and don’t consider the personal struggles that they have to go through on an regular basis. I don’t just have to keep my fashion sense in check, I have to groom myself in a routine manner, take care of my fitness programmes so that I maintain a good physique, and also improve my lifestyle so that I can adapt to these changes accordingly.” Says Puneet Tyagi.

Puneet Tyagi really likes the entire concept of fashion itself, since it is ever expanding and ever changing, it is the dynamism that keeps him interested and inspired. Moreover, he has something new, different kind of content to post on his feet as well as his blog, it also helps him to , with new ideas to make videos over YouTube. After all, the online family needs to be entertained too.

“There are so many fake people that we see around us, they are not originals but absolute copycats who do not find any inspiration on their own and try to pass off different peoples work as genuine. More than angering me, it upsets me to think about how these people lead fake lives and live up to it” says Puneet Tyagi on being questioned about the general dislikes.

Apart from the general circumstances, Puneet Tyagi has found it difficult to work throughout the lockdown, yet he got the opportunity to promote himself on YouTube and provide for useful content there since he was working from home. According to him, to have good follow up on social media accounts, especially Instagram and YouTube, one needs to engage with audience on a regular basis so that day to feel included in his life. The viewers feel that they are being given importance, and hence these start to either comment more, like more or even share it with their friends and family.

“Take my word of advice, if you want to be successful, believe in yourself and believe in the true talents that you have within you. Do not follow a dream that you are not passionate about, no matter how promising it looks for you, because if you cannot find yourself in the field, there is no use working in it. Although I work with the law firm, I am inspired by fashion and hence I chose this to go along with. And most importantly, except constructive criticism. It can certainly improve your life a lot” is the final wisdom from Puneet Tyagi.