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Reach Your Goals: Andrea Bosetti And His Tips To Grow In The Digital Marketing Environment



Andrea Bosetti

Entrepreneurship represents a facet full of challenges, risks, and even experiences that can be frightening. Being able to cope with all these aspects and move forward is a skill that very few people possess, which is in many cases admirable. This is the case of Andrea Bosetti, a social media coach, whose important part of his life has been dedicated to entrepreneurship in different areas.

Since his youth, Andrea would have had a special interest in marketing, in various areas. That’s why he only had his first job in a discotheque, he saw the opportunity to get involved in this aspect through event management. By then, he was in charge of large groups in charge of organizing different aspects of weekly presentations.

This allowed Andrea to gain enough experience to dare to start his first business. Having just graduated in Economics and Business, he carried out his first project, a bar, which lasted a year and then sold it. Then, he continued with another project where he stayed for two years and then did the same.

Considering that he had closed his cycle, Andrea sold his businesses and started new ones to acquire more and more knowledge in the area of interest. In 2013, he has the opportunity to carry out one of the most important undertakings for his professional career. She founded Coverstore, a store dedicated to the design and commercialization of cell phone accessories.

Although for many it may be something common, Andrea’s performance as marketing director of this company, allowed him to advance in a great way. From an initial budget of 9,000 euros, he reached 12,000 in just a few months and later became a whole chain with more than 100 branches.

This development allowed him to learn much more about marketing and continue his progress towards really finding the facet he wanted. The real estate business was also part of his experience and in 2018, after the sale of Coverstore, he founded his real estate agency, whose growth was also widely favorable.

During that same year, and already with extensive experience in the field of digital marketing, Andrea considers taking on much more space with his entrepreneurship. Going directly to the focus of his interest, share their knowledge, experience, and train companies offering the key tools to communicate efficiently, and obtain substantial growth. That’s where Digital Marketing Mind comes from.

Andrea Bosetti’s impulse

Digital Marketing Mind, is an academy focused on transforming the business perspective about social media and their potential as effective communication tools for brand growth. Although this is a common topic today, as many recognize the importance of the social media, its management has not been entirely effective for hundreds of companies.

It is in this approach that Andrea and his team of experts offer their services. Deepening in specialized and precise attention with concrete data that direct the companies to point in the right direction. All this, reflecting the results in the effectiveness and profitability.

Beyond simple advice, the Marketing Digital Mind provides companies and individuals with the necessary resources to achieve their goals of growth and positioning in social media.

This is the purpose that has driven Andrea from the beginning and has made him a serial entrepreneur, whose experience has allowed him to gather the necessary knowledge to lead others to reach their highest potential.

Success with effort

To think that it was all a matter of luck and opportunity for Andrea would be a mistake. This is precisely one of the elements that make his approach and professionalism even more distinctive. Andrea has had a road full of mistakes and failures, he has faced difficult situations. He has even let himself be influenced by the opinion of others, mistakes that he assures have served him, and will continue to serve him in the future.

This expert in digital marketing has had to start from the mistakes and still has kept his eyes fixed on the goal he is building today: to grow even more. To this extent, he assures that this is only the beginning of a path that, although it has been battled by different difficult facets, has also brought him great victories that he considers the results of his efforts and work.    

Saurabh Singla, Founder of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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