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Rosetta Qadhi Wants You to Create Your Own Beauty Standards and Stop Keeping Up With the Joneses



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Can you create your own beauty standards instead of keeping up with the Joneses? How does it impact us in our daily lives? “I wish I could have your skin tone! Her hair is so thick. Can I touch it? Are you mystical? Our socially accepted beauty norms idealize skinniness, youthfulness, and of course, our skin tone. Nevertheless, Rosetta Qadhi wants you to create your own beauty standards. 

Who is Rosetta Qadhi 

Rosetta Q is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, President & CEO of Think & Grow Rich Caribbean. Born and raised in Jamaica, she grew up in poverty since her working-class parents couldn’t afford to provide regular meals. However, Rosetta had the power to dream big. All she wanted were to change her circumstances. While others just dream, Rosetta raised her bar with Think and Grow Rich Institute. She owes her success to Napoleon Hill’s principles which transformed her life, and she looks forward to doing the same for us all.

So what’s the vigor behind Rosetta’s initiative to create your own beauty standards? 

Rosetta says how our culture embraces women of certain skin and silhouettes. I realized that my discomfort around myself and my body exists because these images that I saw every day did not allow space for multiple ways of seeing and being. As women, we must be able to feel our own beauty on our own terms. 

We all are beautiful, regardless of our physical condition. Accepting ourselves is the self-love we have and is the step for others to do so.

Rosetta shares the cons of highly manipulated media



Advertising focused on beauty day by day is reflected on TV, movies, magazines, billboards on the road, printed on the subway, at the bus stop, while walking on the streets, etc. It is a total bombardment that has been working for years and now confuses society since, for most of it, it seems that the image that represents women should be slim, curvy, tall, blonde, and brunette. Otherwise, the canons of beauty are broken, voices Rosetta.

Advertising is gradually opening its doors, but some brands are still going very slowly and others more at a crab’s pace because it is the majority who continue to support themselves behind the image of women who supposedly comply with perfectionism. This image is not only seen in beauty, cosmetics, clothing, and other industries. It is seen in all advertising in general, whatever the company’s line of business (banks, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, etc.) 

“It is rare to see women breaking beauty standards to promote self-confidence,” expresses Rosetta.   

Rosetta enlightens: “Who says that plump women, short women, women with scars, women with skin blemishes, or women with “imperfections” cannot stand confident? Why resort to farce? We should build and work on our beauty standards as per our traits and not my appearance!”

I am glad how women are coming out of that superficial cloud full of vanity to enjoy high self-esteem. They want excellent health (physical and emotional. People with these characteristics, of course, help society finally a stop is beginning to be put on those immersed in depression and low self-esteem for not being able to lose weight (only for looking beautiful). It means a change, and little by little, society begins to put aside prejudices and insecurities. This is how you craft a beauty standard that raises your bar! 

Rosetta Coaches On How to Love Yourself As You Are

Rosetta believes that beauty comes in various formats, and self-confidence is one of them. The key to feeling beautiful inside and out is to have inner peace, confidence, and security. 

Rosetta Q wants to help you celebrate your beauty in its fullness so that you know how to feel beautiful in any situation.

You are beautiful. Love yourself as you are


Why does it matter what skin shade you got? Whatever your condition and skin type, you can only look beautiful and healthy and carry that confidence if you take care of it. 

Do you want to know how you can enhance your inner and outer beauty? Pay attention to Rosetta Q‘s recommendations.

Rosetta stresses drinking water.

Rosetta shares her personal reflection. Water intervenes, and is necessary, in many physiological processes. Therefore, you must supplant it. To know how much water is convenient to drink per day, you must pay attention to your physical and biological characteristics. Rosetta consumes a couple of liters a day in order to keep her body functioning at full capacity. 

Rosetta requests to practice some sports 

Sport activates the blood flow to the skin, and this favors that it effectively receives the vitamins and nutrients it demands. At the same time, it helps tone your muscles. This does not mean that you should crush yourself in the gym, but that you do moderate exercises like yoga.

Do not smoke

If you are a smoker, Rosetta recommends quitting as soon as possible. Do you know smoking has a negative and direct impact on your skin? It produces vasoconstriction in the blood vessels, which prevents the skin from remaining irrigated and nourished.

Watch your outward appearance.

One way to discern how beautiful and attractive you feel is to pay attention to your external appearance. Regular observation will allow you to get to know yourself better, and, in this way, in the face of the slightest change, you will be able to act quickly.

The importance of living healthy

Self-confidence is closely related to inner and outer beauty. Looking in the mirror and looking good gives greater self-confidence. However, imperfections in the skin or body can arise for different reasons, and it does not always need to look perfect or in a certain way accepted by our society. What is essential is that it be healthy.

Take care of your inner beauty.

Rosetta points out that how you look outside depends on how you feel on the inside. When asked how can we achieve it? Rosetta Q delightfully shares some secrets from her Think and Grow Rich coaching sessions. 

Rosetta assures success based on these 12 points. Let’s delve in!

  1. Be a grateful and joyful person. Put aside selfishness, despair, stress, or sadness.
  2. Don’t live fast. Spend some time thinking about your decisions and set aside time to repair, correct and rectify your mistakes. 
  3. Dedicate a part of your day to personal development. Nourish yourself with wisdom and experience.
  4. Do not judge or criticize. It sinks your self-esteem.
  5. Be assertive and faithful to your convictions and principles.
  6. Do not chase confidence. You will live difficult moments, but accept them and move on.
  7. Overcome the impostor syndrome and trust in your personal abilities and achievements.
  8. Remember your values, norms, culture ​​, and why they are important. Use them as a guide and be proud.
  9. Reinterpret your fear. Fear and emotion have a common physiological origin. Try to turn fear into enthusiasm, and you will feel more confident.
  10. Make small decisions daily. This will increase your confidence for future challenges.
  11. Have compassion. Don’t beat yourself up if you fail. Be part of life, forgive yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes.
  12. Feel beautiful inside to be happy on the outside.

Create Beauty Standards By Being YOU!

Rosetta Q reflects deeply: “Lack of self-confidence and fear of failure makes us miss out on opportunities. This feeling paralyzes you and makes you lock yourself in a small circle where you feel comfortable.

To be able to do something, you need to have confidence and security. Your emotions and your actions can be independent. Therefore, if you want to do something, do it even if you don’t feel confident enough. Confidence and security will come later.”

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