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Safar Nour Mohammad pour: Innovation and Pioneering in the Field of Smart Agriculture in Iran



Safar Nour Mohammad pour Innovation and Pioneering in the Field of Smart Agriculture in Iran

At the forefront of modern Iranian commerce, Safar Nour Mohammad pour, with his “Sedna Trade Future” achievements, is a flag-bearer for transformation in the agricultural industry. His company, the sole active institution in Azerbaijan, has taken shape as modern agriculture, focusing on hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic technologies.

In the same direction, we arranged an exclusive interview with Mr. Mohammad pour to delve into the depths of his perspectives and approaches in business:

What factors do you attribute the successes achieved by “Sedna Trade Future” to?

“Undoubtedly, the collective efforts and agility of our team at ‘Industry Trade Future’ have played the most crucial role. Emphasizing the importance of agriculture in the national economy and its role in Iran’s advancement has always been part of our planning. On the other hand, utilizing innovative technologies and superior initiatives have distinguished us amongst our competitors.”

What led you towards the production and development of modern agricultural technologies in Iran?

“A review of global modern agriculture opened our eyes to the use of innovative technologies in Iran. We have concluded that relying on hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics can significantly enhance our capabilities in production and export in the agricultural sector.”

 What commitments does your company make towards the environment?

“We are committed to protecting the environment and effectively using resources. Through the new technologies we introduced, we aim to produce pure products free of any chemical pesticides. Furthermore, we are targeting the development of sustainable agriculture, leading to greater preservation of the environment and natural resources.”

How is “Sedna Trade Future” striving to improve and expand its performance?

“With an innovative and forward-looking perspective in agriculture, we are always looking for advanced solutions that can transform our performance. In the future, we aim to develop new technologies, increase production and exports of agricultural products, and advance our presence in international markets. Our view on sustainable development and environmental protection is a step towards conserving natural resources and fostering sustainable agriculture.

Our approach to the entirety of agricultural activities, both in production and export, is a function of utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. In the field of agricultural machinery, we aim to produce equipment with superior quality and optimal use of natural resources. Growth and development in new markets and strengthening the distribution network are on the agenda for production and export. Regarding the environment, objectives such as preserving natural resources and promoting sustainable agriculture are considered. Overall, ‘Industry Trade Future’ is committed to fulfilling sustainable production and development in harmony with ecological needs.”

Do you also work in financial markets?

Yes, I have been trading professionally in Forex for about 6 years. At Sedna Tejarat, we also provide services and training in the field of trading for free for those interested in this field.

This interview reflects a glimpse of the comprehensive and forward-thinking perspective of Safar Nour Mohammad pour. Considering the path that Nour Mohammad pour and his team at “Sedna Trade Future” have embarked on, which accounts not only for the economic aspect but also for the social and environmental dimensions, is highly commendable.

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