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Samir Guemriche: A digital sensation



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For everyone, acting seems like glitz and glam all the time. The hard reality is it’s more hard work than what we see on the surface. It isn’t as glamorous as it appeals to the viewers. Behind the scenes, it is not even close to as glamorous as it looks to the viewer. But few like Samir Guemriche have the determination and will to choose acting as a career and inspire others to choose the lifestyle he lives.

Samir Guemriche, an Algerian actor whose astonishing films always create buzz in the entertainment industry. And Instagram is the place where he started sharing pictures of himself during the start of his journey of becoming a globally renowned actor. He had chosen acting as an option that he was dreaming of since a very young age.
“I loved to play dead just to attract attention from everyone or I faked my sickness in front of my mother so that she doesn’t wake me up to go to school. And even with teachers, I had the talent to come up with new stories to justify my absence or why I got late.” – Samir.
The above sentence proves that Samir was a brilliant actor even when he was in high school.

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Success has followed him since an early stage of Samir’s career. As soon as he came to Instagram, social media awarded him for his constant efforts and hard work. Thousands of people inspire from him today and he ensures to keep their faith alive. He has had great opportunities to work with big production companies as well. Even after so many successes, he is always excited to see his work in magazines and news portals.
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