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San Martin’s Day 2020: History and Significance of the day



San Martins Day In Argentina

San Martin’s Day (Dia de San Martin) is praised on the third Monday in August, this national holiday in Argentina remembers the death of José de San Martín.

Viewed as a national hero in Argentina, José de San Martín is honored by the recognition of the nation and his legacy. All individuals have this day away from work to show his significance to South American history.

San Martin is viewed as one of the most significant officers of Argentine history, for he won independence for them as well as Peru and Chile. Battling against Spain was San Martin in the South and Simón Bolívar in the north they are viewed as the liberators of South America.

History of San Martin’s Day

San Martin is viewed as the most significant Argentinian founding father, who liberated a part of Argentina as well as freed Chile and Peru alongside O’Higgins and Bolívar.

Who was José de San Martín?

José Francisco de San Martín y Matorras (February 25th, 1778 – August 17th, 1850) was an Argentine general and the principal leader of the successful battle for independence from Spain by the southern countries of South America.

As one of the establishing fathers of Latin America, José de San Martín was an Argentine soldier, legislator, and national hero. He helped lead the transformations contrary to the Spanish standards in Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

Argentina remembers him as the “Padre de la Patria”, (Father of our Country). Perú recollects the liberator of the nation who had titles, for example, “Fundador de la Libertad del Perú”, (founder of the freedom of Perú), Protector de Perú and “Fundador de la República” y “Generalísimo de las Armas” ( founder of the Republic and supreme commander of weapons). In Chile he was known as ‘Captain General’.

Along with Simón Bolívar in the north, San Martín is viewed as one of the Liberators of Spanish South America.

He is viewed as a national hero in Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

The Order of the Liberator General San Martin, named in his honor, is the most noteworthy embellishment in Argentina.

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