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Sanchit Shokeen’s channel TechBar presents the unfolding video for the gaming enthusiast




Gaming is practiced by mankind for years and it has evolved with time. For ages, people have been participating in different forms of games. The only difference is the medium. In the early days, games were only played physically indoors or outdoors; however, the definition of games has changed through the last decade. Millennials are now no longer dependent on meeting somebody physically to play games. Online gaming has changed the universe. From a casual car racing game to the top-notch battlegrounds, everything is now online. Games like DoTA, CS:GO, Destiny, Apex Legends, Fortnite and many more are few online games that are overflowing with participants from across the globe.

People now are more into buying gaming-friendly gadgets while buying their favorite high graphic systems. These gadgets are designed specially to give a terrific gaming experience when online. Accessories including gaming mouse, headset, Specialized light-up keyboards, High definition webcam, portable gaming charger, Cooling pads, Controller, Joysticks, gaming laptop bag, mouse pad, and many more are used to change the gaming experience.

To get such experience people often find it difficult to find the right online gaming set. Sanchit Shokeen is a content creator who specializes in making technical videos online on Youtube. Sanchit runs a Youtube channel called ‘TechBar’ where he helps people to choose the right gadget by reviewing different products on his channel. The moto of the company is to generate quality content using simple and viewer-friendly language. His channel has more than 2 Million subscribers with hundreds of reviewing videos. Sanchit uploaded the first full-fledged review video on his channel in the year 2017 with just a few subscribers and last 4 years, he was able to turn a lot of heads through his honest review videos. This gave him a lot of viewers in these years. His constant connection to his audience through his videos made him a known name in the gadget reviewing industry.

The video that made his channel boom was titled ‘Crazy 4 Lakh Rupees Gaming Laptop with Free Accessories in Box!’ The video has received more than 6M views to date. The video was based on the unboxing of the Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701G Gaming Laptop. Asus is a brand that has been doing well in the gaming industry and this 4 Lakh laptop comes with 1TB SSD, 32GB Ram, i7 Processor, 17.3” FHD 144hz Refresh rate Display, and few free accessories including headphone, mouse, full HD camera, charging brick, BAG and much more.

Gamers across the globe look for such unboxing where it becomes easier for them to choose the most affordable and highly optimized gaming configuration. In this video Sanchit Unboxes the gaming laptop set and explaining every detailed technical feature of the system using easy to understand language. Sanchit has been an engineering student and understands the complexities of different technical aspects of the new-age gadgets. His experiences making these videos have made him more confident while appropriately reviewing the products.

Sanchit’s engineering degree is an added-on advantage when choosing to watch his video over other Youtubers. The Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701G Gaming Laptop unboxing has given him more fame and his channel got a boom with a huge number of views. He being a young Youtuber makes it even easier for him to connect to the millennial. He understands the need for gadgets and the importance of keeping an upgraded version of them. The video is about a new age gaming laptop which is not so often to find as gamers usually prefer desktops over a laptop. However, with this laptop in specific, the experience of a gamer can be taken a notch above. This laptop shall allow gamers to now join online sessions from anywhere they want to without compromising on the quality of the game. A lot of youngsters loved his approach to choosing the most wanted product to review online.

Sanchit Shokeen has posted many such videos that have grabbed attention and he believes to continue making such videos for his viewers. He is a gadget freak like many other youngsters and knows the importance of keeping the spark real when delivering these videos online.

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