Serbia National Day: Google Doodle celebrates Statehood of Serbia

Google Doodle celebrates Serbia National Day (Дан државности Србије / Dan državnosti Srbije) on February 15, 2021. The day really marks two historical commemorations in Serbia, the First Serbian Uprising in 1804 and the adoption of the first Serbian Constitution in 1835. National Day in Serbia is otherwise called Statehood of Serbia or Sretenje, as it coincides with the Orthodox feast of Sretenje (Candlemas).

In 1804, the public holiday recognizes First Serbian Uprising and, in 1835, the first Serbian constitution was officially adopted. Known as the first revolution in the Balkan region, it prepared for the drafting of the First Constitution of the Principality of Serbia, which was officially adopted on this day in 1835.

The First Serbian Uprising started in 1804 when Serbia attempted to acquire independence from the Ottoman principle that went on for over three centuries. The uprising kept going nine years and nine months and finished in 1813.

Shockingly, the uprising was ineffective for Serbia, however it prepared for the Second Serbian Uprising two years after the fact, which succeeded with regards to getting Serbian autonomy.

National Day (Дан државности/Dan državnosti) is a holiday celebrated each February 15 in Serbia to remember the flare-up of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804, which advanced into the Serbian Revolution against Ottoman rule. The revolution, at last, resulted in the recognition of Serbia’s National by the Ottoman Empire (officially in 1817, by jure in 1830).

Around the same time in 1835, during the rule of Miloš Obrenović, the first modern Serbian constitution was embraced in Kragujevac, known as the Sretenje Constitution or ‘Candlemas Constitution’.

National Day is a public national holiday, and official celebrations last for two days, every 15 -16 February.

Until the finish of the 17th century, Serbia was administered by the Ottoman Empire of Turkey. Toward the finish of that century, the northern part of the nation was caught by the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria.

In 1804, Serbs south of Sava and Danube, the border between the two areas, led the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks, setting up their own authority and making the constitution which was received in 1835.

National Day is celebrated with a ceremony that starts with a Holy Liturgy and a Memorial Service with a wreath laid at the monument to Karadjordje. Speeches are delivered by dignitaries and country leaders who perceive the sacrifice of the individuals who died for Serbian independence.

Memorial services are held in churches, many followed by receptions out of appreciation for the event. All through the country, there are concerts, plays, and other entertainment intended to perceive the making of the constitutional and the First Serbian Uprising. Receptions are hosted by the Royal Family and the President of Serbia.

Another significant occasion in the history of Serbia was the adoption of the constitution in 1835. This document is known as Candlemas Constitution since it was received on the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

The document was adopted under the standard of Prince Miloš Obrenović I and it was the first constitution of Serbia. The constitution was canceled a month later, yet its appropriation is a vital event in the history of Serbia.

On Feb 15th, 2021, Google observes Serbia National Day 2021 with a Google Doodle. The recognitions proceed with speeches from national leaders who ponder Serbia’s advancement to become the bound together country it is today.

All through the multi-day holiday and every day, the tricolor Serbian flag—portrayed in the present Google Doodle artwork—proudly remains as a symbol of the country’s solidarity.

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