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St. Clement of Ohrid Day: Who was Saint Clement? Why is the Feast of St Kliment Ohridski’s Day celebrated?



St. Clement of Ohrid Day Who was St Clement Why is the Feast of Saint Kliment Ohridskis Day celebrated

St. Clement of Ohrid Day or St. Kliment Ohridski’s Day is a non-working day in North Macedonia every year on December 8th. If December 8 falls on the weekend, the next Monday will be a non-working day. This is a religious and public holiday held in recognition of North Macedonia’s Eastern Orthodox patron saint.

On December 8, the Macedonian Orthodox Church praises the feast day of Saint Clement of Ohrid. As he is the patron saint of North Macedonia, Saint Clement of Ohrid Day is one of the country’s public holidays.

Who was St. Clement?

St. Clement was one of the most significant and prolific authors in Old Church Slavonic and the maker of the Ohrid Literary School, a significant cultural center of the Bulgarian Empire. He is likewise credited with the making of the Cyrillic script dependent on the Glagolitic alphabet created by Cyril and Methodius. In Bulgaria and North Macedonia, St. Clement is worshiped as a patron of language and education.

St. Clement was a Bulgarian researcher, author, and enlightener. He was born around 840 in the region of Kutmichevitsa or so in the North Macedonian region of the Bulgarian Empire of the time. Clement was the most conspicuous disciple of Saint Cyril and Methodius, he partook in their central goal to Great Moravia. After Cyril’s death, Clement went with Methodius on his journeys.

The name of St. Kliment Ohridski the miracle worker is the name of the first Macedonian writer, teacher, and cleric. Clement is known for having made the Cyrillic alphabet, which depends on the Greek alphabet letters, however, adjusted to adapt to the Slovenian phonetic characteristics.

The North Macedonian Orthodox Church remembers Saint Clement of Ohrid as their nation’s patron saint. He became a popular researcher and author and a student and follower of both Saint Cyril and of Methodius.

Saint Clement was the extraordinary leader of the Old Church Slavonic literary movement, and he adapted a script invented by Cyril and Methodius to make the now broadly used Cyrillic Alphabet. Clement is honored in both Bulgaria and North Macedonia as a significant supporter of the progression of literature and education.

He passed on July 27th, 916, and was buried in the tomb dug with his own hands in the church dedicated to St. Panteleimon at Plaosnik.

St. Clement with St. Naum was the premier supporter of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius. They were helping the Solun brothers in accomplishing the Moravian mission for 20 years in Great Moravia. St. Clement is the patron of Ohrid and the whole Ohrid region. The legends tell that at whatever point a mishap was overhanging over the city, the spirit of the saint would show up and saved the city from suffering.

Regardless of his contribution to Bulgarian culture, just North Macedonia observes St. Clement of Ohrid Day as a national holiday. Bulgaria manages with the Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and of Slavonic Literacy on May 24th, the Feast day of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

On Saint Clement of Ohrid Day, individuals in North Macedonia get a day off work. They likewise go to cultural events on the theme of the day. Furthermore, there is an annual giving out of a “Saint Clement Award”.

Saint Clement of Ohrid Day was first celebrated as a non-working public holiday in 2007. The holiday is marked by different cultural events held throughout the nation. On this day, North Macedonian residents with remarkable lifetime accomplishments in culture, art, or sports are introduced to the Saint Clement Award.

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