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Striking the right chord in the hearts of audiences is an multi-faceted music professional, Sona Samipoor.



Striking the right chord in the hearts of audiences is an multi faceted music professional Sona Samipoor

Creating waves within the music realm with many hits and viral songs has been Sona Samipoor whose has garnered lot of love and fame.

The way at which certain passionate and spirited professionals have been scaling heights of success in the current golden era of generation has been simply incredible. Going beyond boundaries and pushing many limits, these talented professionals seek excellence in each and every endeavor. Music industry as an sector and niche has been one of the most growing domains where different artists, singers, song writers, producers, and composers have been able to reach to millions of audiences around the world. To create one’s own space and aura in the hearts of the audiences is an tough task, but for music artists and singers like Sona Samipoor it has been purpose of life.

Finding peace and solace in singing and music making, Sona Samipoor was destined to make it big in the music industry. Singing being her passion, Sona started to work towards her art and developed a unique style of singing and music making. To flourish stupendously she polished her singing capability to excel her performance. Today her immaculate passion, love, and interest for the art and craft of music has catapulted her further to excel as one of the most seek and sough-after music professionals around the world. She has given back-to-back tracks which are in the heart of each listeners, all her tracks are extremely blockbuster hit which includes Khooneya Akhar, Dige Dire, Yaghi, and many more. All of her songs have created a massive buzz within the industry. Her work is not only appreciated by listeners but also by many industry peers as well. With all of her songs going viral in no time, Sona has accomplished to withhold a strong presence within the music niche. She is currently working on many projects and songs which are due to release soon. To now more, follow her on Instagram @sona_samipoor .

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