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Supermodel Solveiga Mykolaityte ~ A leading example of beauty with brain



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She is also like any other person completely stuck in her home in this time of quarantine. But being a very passionate and determined for her work and also being a completely responsible citizen of the living dynamic world quarantining herself completely, has got the talent of working smartly. She decided to work from home and supermodel from Lithuania, Solveiga Mykolaityte ( IG – @solmyko ) who is stuck in Spain at the moment for quarantine. All her shootings in Milan, New York are canceled because of the lockdown in whole world, so she come up with this unique idea, showcasing the perfect example of smartwork infront of the whole world , How to do shooting in a distance when a photographer is 3538 km away from her in Vilnius Lithuania and emerging as a perfect instantial personality. And the idea worked out tremendously well.

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She is the perfect example of showcasing the worl how to use the time and talents correctly and finding the means to do it smartly. As a professional passionate model, she did a photo session in a distance-quarantine way from her home and home terrace in Marbella. That was an appreciative idea. Photographer Jevgenij Misevic, he based in Vilnius and shootings took place from there. In this way working, she got great results, the unique tape camera style image using only a video camera, speakers and a computer. An old-time style photo that needs no photoshop, no editing, or any changes to be made.

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A message from her is – “When all the biggest fashion cities like New York, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid are having a huge break from fashion.
That now all fashion you have left- is your home only”.

We wish her success and luck in her leading path!

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