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Sweden National Day 2019: Google Doodle celebrates Sweden National Day



sweden national day 2019 google doodle

Sweden celebrates its National Day today in celebration of King Gustav Vasa’s 1523 coronation, an occasion that denoted the start of Swedish freedom. After three centuries, June 6th was likewise the day when Sweden’s Instrument of Government was received, a document that forms a key part of the Scandinavian nation’s constitution. Today is additionally the ideal opportunity for new residents to get their official documents, welcoming them to Sweden.

History of Sweden National Day

This day has its roots going all the way back to 1916 during the Stockholm Olympic Stadium honoring the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523 and the founding of modern day Sweden. The holiday became official in 2005 as a national holiday replacing Whit Monday.

Otherwise called Svenska Flaggans Day, the event is set apart by parades and marching bands, with the Swedish royal family showing up at Skansen, Stockholm’s outdoors entertainment park and museum. As the blue and yellow flag is brought up with extraordinary ceremony, children in traditional costumes present the King and Queen with flowers.

The colors of the flag are roused by the Swedish coat of arms—blue symbolizes truth and justice, while yellow represents generosity. Pale yellow elderflowers bloom in early summer, and numerous Swedes utilize their fragile blooms to make fläderblomssaft, a sweet syrup frequently delighted in with champagne on exceptional events, for example, today.

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