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Taiwan Earthquake: 6.1 magnitude quake causes light harm in Taipei and eastern Taiwan



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A powerful earthquake rattled eastern Taiwan on Thursday afternoon, making light harm to the capital and east coast area.

The 6.1 magnitude tremor had its center northwest of the Hualien city and just about 12 miles (12 kilometers) profound. as per the Central Meteorological Office of Taiwan.

The water pipes in the main train station of the city burst and the rail traffic was quickly suspended. Schools on the east coast were emptied, with kids holding backpacks on their heads for assurance. TV pictures appeared something like one landslide in a scantily populated zone.

Two mountaineers, one of them from Malaysia, were harmed by stones falling in the Taroko Gorge National Park, as per the Hualien government.

In Taipei, around 115 kilometers (71 miles) far from the epicenter, individuals felt the buildings move and one of a few floors was inclining and inclining toward the contiguous building after its establishments moved. The subway of the city suspended its services.

firefighters gathered in a calla of Taipei, Taiwan, after an earthquake on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Beside the tilted building in the center of Taipeo, Ayumi Lin, who lives in the region, said the force of the tremor had been felt emphatically. “It was very scary,” said Lin, 50. “The earthquake shook loudly twice.”

The prime minister, Su Tseng-chang, said that the state had been checked schools, workplaces, water and electricity facilities and roads. Albeit no serious issues were discovered, breaks in streets on the east coast could cause issues on the off chance that it rains too early, Su said.

Individuals in Chinese urban areas close to the Taiwan Strait that isolates the island from mainland China gave an account of social media that they had felt the tremor.

Taiwan is in the line of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean known as the “Ring of Fire” and frequently tremors. In excess of 2,300 individuals died in 1999 from an earthquake on the island.

A tremor in Hualien in February 2018 killed 17 individuals as four buildings partially collapsed. Only two years sooner, another 115 individuals were killed when a building collapsed in the southwestern city of Tainan by another tremor.

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