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Thai National Theatre: Google Doodle celebrates Thailand’s National Theatre, Bangkok



celebrating the thai national theatre bangkok thailand

Google Doodle celebrates the Thai National Theatre, an iconic arts venue situated in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok, on December 23, 2020.

Thailand’s National Theatre prevalently shows Thai Classical drama and features performances of Khon – drama where players wear traditional Thai masks. These are really great creations; incredibly ornate costumes, magnificent lighting – all that you could want.

Thai National Theatre reflects the greatness of Thai art. It is a significant place set up from the idea of King Vachiravudh (Rama VI) that Khon, Thai dance, and musical artists ought to play out their specialty to the audience. They, in this manner, need a spot or a theatre.

Another significant motivation to set up the Thai National Theatre is to exchange cultures with different nations which will fortify the relationship.

In 1932, when Fine Arts Department acquired the responsibilities of Khon, Thai performance, and Thai music from the Bureau of the Royal House Hold, the conference hall of the Fine Arts Department in the National Museum was adapted to be the temporary Thai National Theatre.

In 1961, the Fine Arts Department got the budget for permanent Thai National Theatre construction. The construction was finished in the fiscal year 1965. King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit came to watch a Thai dance performance in the opening ceremony on 23 December 1965. It was the first day of Thai National Theatre utilization.

From the first day up to this point, the Thai National Theatre has been following the intention of King Vachiravudh’s idea. Thai artists have the region to show their art which slips Thai cultural heritage to these days.

Since its inception, the theatre has exhibited different traditional Thai works of art, for example, the classical dance style called khon. This one-of-a-kind performance traditionally includes dancers in masks and beautiful costumes and incorporates changed elements like music, literature, and handicraft to depict stories from the Thai epic called the Ramakien.

Besides, here has been used as a place to welcome royal guests from foreign nations and exchange culture and art with different nations. Thai National Theatre is suitable for guests who might want to visit huge spots in the art branch and Thai culture. Performances are accessible to guests.

The news about the performances will be articulated from Thai and foreign media. The Theatre gives total facilities to Thai and foreign tourists. This is hence one of the interesting tourist attractions with regards to the Phra Nakorn Area.

The National Theatre is likewise home to musical events including exhibitions by traditional big bands and even gives a venue for educational functions like arts lectures. The venue is a lasting symbol of imagination, culture, and custom for the individuals of Thailand.

You can see displays of Thai classical dancing and music on the last Friday and Saturday of every month. The theatre does, nonetheless, venture into more international aspects of the medium and it merits getting hold of their schedule.

Sitting through a long Thai language production can be demanding and it is conceivable to see comparable creations at some of Bangkok’s entertainment venues.

Thus, except if you truly are a theatre enthusiast, seeing a play at the National Theatre probably won’t be at the top of your priority list.

On December 23, 2020, Google Doodle denotes Thai National Theatre to recognize the day in 1965 with an opening ceremony of Thai dance performed before a crowd of people that included members of the country’s royalty—the first of numerous cultural events held there in the decades since.

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