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The All-You-Need Guide to Getting #InstaFamous with Instagram Shoutouts



Instagram is working on a paid Stories subscription feature

Did you know, for every 1000 Instagram users, 500+ follow at least one business account! That’s a little more than 50% of Instagram users who interact with some of the other kinds of business via the photo-sharing platform. Now that’s an impressive marketplace, isn’t it? So, if you own a business in 2021, you probably have a business account on Instagram. 

While the platform is still photo-first, there are many ways you can monetize via Instagram. Influencers, story ads, or highly effective shoutouts are all ways to grow your #instafam. 

In this blog, you’ll get an understanding of how to buy or sell Instagram shoutouts and other ways to getting a shoutout organically. Read on. 

Deconstructing the Insta #shoutout

If you don’t live in a cave in the lost city of Atlantis, you have probably seen the #shoutout hashtag several times. So, is it just another catchphrase, or is there something more to it (in the marketing context)? Well, yes! An Instagram shoutout is one of the most powerful yet fascinatingly simple ways to increase your followers or grow your business.

It is essentially an Instagram post, story, reel, or a mention (tag) where an Instagram user promotes (gives a shoutout to) another. Depending on the shoutout goal, they can contain images, videos, or reviews of a product or service. Simply put, it is a part of the famed Influencer marketing – the latest buzzword. 

Types of Shoutouts – Paid and Organic

  1. Voluntary or Organic Shoutout – While paid marketing can give quick results in a short time frame, the best kind of marketing is still organic. A voluntary Instagram shoutout is where one person really loved your product or service and decided to recommend you to their followers. There is no money involved, and it is pretty much the best kind of shoutout you can get; it shows how much people appreciate your business. 
  2. Shoutout for a Shoutout or S4S – As the name suggests, it is a mutual act where you give a shoutout to someone on your profile, and they return the favor by giving you a shoutout. Both of you benefit from each other’s Insta fan base without paying a penny. 
  3. Paid Shoutouts – The first two types are suitable for businesses that are up and running for a long time. However, if you are new to the platform or starting a new business, you definitely need an extra push to help you make a profit. This is where paid shoutouts come into play. In this type of shoutout, you strike a deal with an influencer to give you a shoutout in exchange for cash or a free product or service. 

Closing notes: How to get paid Shoutouts Right

One of the most critical aspects of paid promotions is choosing the right audience. Choose an influencer who is a high authority figure in your line of work and is popular amongst your target audience. Choose the right Call-To-Action (CTA) depending on your marketing goal. After all, it won’t make sense if a famous paediatrist is promoting your cat-litter, would it?

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