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The interview of Shohreh Ghamar surprised all his classmates



The interview of Shohreh Ghamar surprised all his classmates

She is a talented and popular actor who, during his many years of activity, has played in popular and famous films, including Shohreh Ghamar. has They worked hard and provided us with many tips about their activities during the interview they had with us. In the following, we discuss the important points of his speech.

You should definitely seek advice from a good and skilled director, someone who has similar work style and ethics to you. Having an acting background helps the director to be able to work with him more easily, but it is not necessary to have a great ability to analyze beginner actors to start working.

A director, with his knowledge of acting, can understand the movements and behavior of actors and their motivation and reach a stronger director-actor relationship. When the director directs the actor accurately and correctly and the actors follow the director’s instructions correctly, the production of the work will go through its fast and logical procedure and the performance will be coherent and satisfactory.

But if the director and the actor are at opposite ends and pursue different goals, the production process becomes slow and exhausting, and the produced show will not satisfy the audience and the executive team. The more the director knows about his work space, text and actors, the more mastery she will have and will present a fresher and more desirable work.

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