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The invisible to visible movement



The invisible to visible movement

The invisible to visible movement is a campaign founded by Popular actress, philanthropist and author Michelle Dilhara to minimize social invisibility and social exclusion. The campaign was initiated with Manusha D. Navarathna and Danushka Clark for the people who are affected by social invisibility due to factors such as their homelessness, low educational status, being in an orphanage, appearance, disability, old age,  poverty, barriers to full participation in employment of senior citizens, discrimination and violence or anyone who experiences a sense of negligence or separation from the society as a whole.

The invisible to visible movement was launched with the factors discussed in the book Social Invisibility is not a Fiction it exists. Popular actress, philanthropist and author  Michelle Dilhara released her first book, Social Invisibility is not a Fiction it exists, a book that changed the view of society politically, culturally, and religiously. Michelle Dilhara challenged traditional views of Sociology. She proposed a theory, “Theory of alternative social cogwheel for Social Invisibility and Social Exclusion “. Throughout her book, she gave theories that got the world thinking. She started a campaign “The invisible to visible movement”  in July 2019 for Social Invisibility and Social Exclusion, with Dr. Parakrama Warnasuriya from the medical faculty of the University of Kelaniya, Emeritus Professor Antonette Perera, Professor Waruna Chandrakeerthi, and Thilina Dhanushka Abewickrama (social media research specialist).

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