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The Keys to Positive Communication and Relationships



The Keys to Positive Communication and Relationships

Communication is the most vital string that holds the relationship. It decides the standing and direction of a relationship and plays an integral part in nourishing the bond. Regardless of the type of relationship (professional, personal, friendship), without appropriate communication, the bond cannot be nurtured and continued with the same respect and care it once promised. It does not only affect the people around you, but it also enhances your personality, which eventually poses a healthy and positive influence on relationships. In today’s reading, we will discuss the positive aspects of communication and its impact on partnerships.


Listen, and listen well! We all know the difference between hearing and listening but sometimes fail to pick the correct option. Learn to be an active listener in a relationship. Not being a good listener will create trust issues and spark the feeling of being unworthy in the other person’s mind. It is the most common in relationships. Being a good listener in a professional environment is also necessary. It will prevent you from any work-related confusion and will enhance your decision-making ability. On a personal level, a good listener will always have stronger bonds and fewer chances of engaging in conflicts. The following are a few techniques to develop active listening.

  • Show empathy
  • Withhold judgment
  • Acknowledge what is being said

Showing Courtesy

No bond can thrive without respect and kindness. Showing courtesy is a prominent sign of respect and expressing value to the person sitting next to you. Your words and how you say them can make or break the relationship. Speaking politely and humbly can and will always work in your favor in tricky situations and get you out of hot water. It will help you gain respect and give a sense of calmness in the conversation. Developing a courteous trait in your personality will enable you to sustain a healthy environment in a relationship. You can show courtesy by:

  • Being Unbiased
  • Being Considerate
  • Being Complimentary


Another essential ingredient in the nurturing of a happy and healthy bond is clarity. A lot of relationship conflicts are based on presumed judgment and unclear conversations. Because of the coded, blurry language people use, they expect the other person to understand and act accordingly. It creates a chain of confusion and further boils the conflict. The best way to avoid this is to be clear and straightforward. Clearly asking what you want to ask and saying what you expect from others keeps confusion at bay. The fine line you have to understand is the difference between being straightforward and being rude. How to figure that out? Merge clarity with courtesy.

Don’t Dig up the Past

One of the factors of negative communication that leads to disputes is the habit of bringing up past mistakes or disagreements in the present dialog. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. It shows that the person bringing up old skirmishes has yet to make peace with them. This is exactly why psychologists and experts emphasize effective communication as the best way to conflict resolution. Stay in the moment, discuss, and stick to the topic of the conversation (good or bad).

Open Ended Questions

This aspect is more directed at personal relationships (family, friends, life partners). In your personal relationships, there may not be a place for preciseness and being to the point. Asking open-ended questions allows the next individual to express their thoughts and opinion rather than picking an option you gave them. This is a lovely way to tell the person you value and seek their happiness. For example, instead of asking, “Should we go to this or that place?” you should ask, “Where do you think we should plan our next meetup.” Try this, and you will experience the difference in engagement.

Be an Assertive Communicator

Of the four communication styles (passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive), assertive is the most effective communication. Why? It is because the assertive style is the blend of all the positive aspects of communication we have discussed. By acquiring this communication style, you can express your feelings, thoughts, and desires clearly and positively. Additionally, you will be considerate and courteous towards others as well.

Turning ME to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness, written by Dr. Beth Gineris, a psychologist and intuitive channel, is an insightful book. In this book, she educates people in a step-by-step model on balancing the needs and wants in a relationship and developing a mindful perspective. If you are entangled in a conflict and struggling to find a solution, Turning ME to WE is what you need.

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