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The Power Of Effective Communication



The Power Of Effective Communication

Have you ever experienced a certain misunderstanding due to a lack of communication that led you to end your relationship or lose a job?

You need to write an email to your client, or your promotion has led you to delegate and inspire the whole team. At every point in life, wherever you are, communication plays a vital role in your well-being and career.

Words can deeply afflict individuals and simultaneously lift the other person’s suffering. The power of communication is compelling, and in the age of diplomacy and globalization, effective communication is essential for businesses and individuals.

What Is Effective Communication?

Being able to communicate our thoughts and opinions is crucially essential for our survival. Effective communication is the key to honing your soft skills while positively impacting your career and relationships. It is the ability to engage in a conversation with active listening. The messages are conveyed with clarity. Communication involves two or more people who broach their intent in front of each other to get their points understood.

No matter which industry you belong to or your identity, effective communication is key to comprehending and building ties in the professional environment.

The Significance Of Effective Communication

Understanding how to present ourselves so that the other party is easily persuaded to achieve our goal is an important skill to develop.

Effective communication aids in building and maintaining relationships by bringing members together to achieve the desired goal. Most relationships fail due to the lack of communication, and effective communication develops relationships and tends to maintain them for a longer period of life.

It helps to develop trust between individuals. The best way to employ trust is through the process of communication. Effective communication assists a person in gaining the ability to listen and embrace multiple points of view actively.

Besides this, effective communication also aids people in identifying and solving problems. An effective corporation makes it easy for people to articulate and express their current concerns leading to transparency and honesty between the communicators.

Effective communication reduces conflicts and misunderstandings. This leads to an increase in productivity through overcoming challenges and barriers, increasing the employee’s motivation.

Elements Of Effective Communication

The key elements of effective communication include

  • Concentration and Focus – The messages are misinterpreted without focusing on what the other person has to say. Effective communication includes paying attention to non-verbal and verbal cues to comprehend what the communicator is saying and what emotions and feelings they are going through in the present situation.
  • Value and Respect – An effective communicator will always respect and value another individual’s statement. Questioning plays a significant role in improving communication, which also engages the communicators and aids them in better understanding each other.
  • Consistency – This is the key to gauging the right direction of communication. Consistency comes from effective body expression while communicating.
  • Clarity – Any interaction which doesn’t portray a clear message or understanding isn’t effective communication. Clarity helps communicators to listen, identify, and summarize what the speaker has to say. Questioning or paraphrasing are fine options to overcome the problem of clarity.


The power of communication greatly impacts productivity and helps resolve differences, build trust and respect, solve problems, and foster a creative environment. It is an amazing ability spoken and practiced through drawings, poetry, and even the eyes. When your words and body expressions sync together, that is when effective communication takes place. Yet there are other elements mentioned above that need to be taken into consideration.

To improve your communication skills and understanding, get yourself a copy of Communicate effectively: Do’s and Don’ts by Jay Kohler. This epic book will give you some of the best tips regarding communication.

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