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Saba Sabunwala Is Actually A Gold Mine Of Modest Outfit Ideas



Saba Sabunwala

In the past, Muslim fashion and hijab styles were majorly characterized by plain silhouettes and loose clothes. Recently, a growing number of bloggers, influencers, and designers continue to prove that conservative wardrobes can be incredibly chic.

Cue in Somalian beauty and fashion influencer Saba Sabunwala, who has a plethora of curated outfits on her IG page that are cute, fashionable, vibrant, and complement the everyday style of a modest woman. Ashwaaq also has a knack for matching her hijab headwraps with super chic ensembles.

This knowledge of clothes is rare in today’s world it has absolutely been difficult to find such unique ideas and create them as perfect as they can be. We really appreciate the hardwork and the time and effort. Abstract Wearing a Hijab is both a religious and cultural practice for Muslim women performed to express their identity and spiritual faith. Muslim women or Muslimah in Indonesia increasingly wearing the Hijab. Hijab is an expression of cultural identity and communication, its main message is, in addition, to carry out their religious orders and can also look fashionable. For example, in social media, there are various images in which the Hijab presented as a form of fashionable accessories and it is adapted to various modern outfits. The fact how Hijab and fashion develop in Indonesia until today is quite different from a few years ago. Therefore, it is interesting to know how the Hijab and fashion in Indonesia are integrated and evolved to this day. The methods which will apply in this study consist of literature review, direct observation, and interview. From this study, there will be obtained how Hijab and fashion concept can be integrated in Indonesia.


Hijab comes from the Arabic word hajaban that means cover or a thing which covering something (else). Hijab can be a sort of cloth or other material that covers a room (curtain), but it can be also a material to cover a wall in what-so-ever to hinder it. In some countries which use Arabic as a language, also in several western nations, hijab is well-known refers to the veil which is worn by Muslim woman [1]. The veil itself in the Al-Qur’an means the cloth that covers a woman’s head extended far enough to the breast part [2]. In Indonesia, the term of the veil which is generally in the previous times the people used to wear is long-shawl, but today the term has a kind of deduction of meaning with the name: hijab [2]. Because of that, in this research, the range of the term hijab is confined to the cover of the head for Muslim women only.

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