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Five Pieces of Advice for Finding the Best Engagement Ring for Your Significant Other by Sean Diamond



Five Pieces of Advice for Finding the Best Engagement Ring for Your Significant Other by Sean Diamond

An engagement ring is a couple’s most important piece of jewelry that defines their lives from that point onwards. There is no room for error and everything must be done perfectly. Sean Diamond is a jeweler from New York City who works in the world-renowned Diamond District. He has worked on a lot of engagement rings and loves to become a part of the engagement ring process. “The engagement ring symbolizes a couple’s love and promise towards being together forever. I take pride in being a part of each step making sure the couple is elated over every aspect of the ring,” says Sean.

Here are five top tips that Sean Diamond has shared with us for everyone buying an engagement ring.

  1. Know the shape you want

“Most people tend to get confused while choosing the shape of the ring. It is mostly because there are plenty of shapes in the market right now and many of them are trendy and modern while others have a classic look to them. Look up some most favorite shapes such as the comfort fit, channel set, prong-set, pipe band, and the half-round before going to the shop,” emphasizes Sean, bringing focus to the confusion people to go through while choosing a shape for their engagement rings.

  1. Choose the right metal to craft the band

There are quite a few options for people to choose from in the metal of the ring or band. Sean says, “The metal of the ring adds value, expense, and character to the engagement ring. Choosing a platinum ring over a white gold one is going to cost you more, but it makes the engagement ring priceless. This is a common theme that Sydney jewellers Jacque Fine Jewellery have noticed too. Or if you are on a budget, white gold can be an awesome alternative as it looks the same as platinum. Rose gold is also a very trendy color for women these days. It all depends on the budget at the end.”

  1. Always consider the lifestyle of your significant other

“Keeping the lifestyle of your significant other goes a very long way. It breaks my heart when people come to me with engagement rings damaged by chemicals in the workplace. This is something that could have been avoided in the first place,” says Sean, as he explains the importance of matching the type of the ring with day-to-day lifestyle conditions.

  1. Keep the carat size in mind

“Always know beforehand whether you want a bigger diamond or a clearer one. It can affect the final product and the budget of the ring. I prefer to first have a size in mind, the color can always be arranged in the budget,” shares Sean Diamond while emphasizing the carat size of the engagement ring.

  1. Get the paperwork in order

“Diamonds are no small investment. Always buy a certified diamond with the right paperwork. Just so you know you haven’t been tricked or simply ripped off. It must be certified by the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America,” says Sean in the end.

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